Microsoft’s New Surface Book 2

It has been 2 years since Microsoft released their first ever laptop. The mass of people believed that the second version of Surface Book will be released by the year of 2018, but in fact, Microsoft announced its release date and it will be November 16th. With lots of upgrades like extended battery life,  built-in wireless Xbox One X controller connection, compatibility with a range of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality, Adobe Creative Cloud Photography, latest NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs and etc.

It will be released shortly after Xbox One X and is by Microsoft’s words it is “The most powerful Surface ever”. The specs and features of the Surface 2 are really outstanding and they should be because the laptop is not that cheap. Its price ranges from $1,499 to $2,500 depending on what size and processor you want.


Premium design and materials make the new Surface Book 2 thin and light enough to take anywhere without sacrificing performance. The idea behind Surface 2 is to create a perfect platform for artists to draw on. That’s why Microsoft added a so-called Surface Pen, that you could use to draw right on the laptop’s screen.

The Surface Pen* has tilt for shading and virtually no lag — just like drawing on a sheet of paper. If you use the keyboard you will be astonished by how smooth and comfortable it feels. It is full-size and your fingers literally feel like flying over it.Also, you can control it with gestures and clicks on the large, high-precision, all-glass trackpad.

Size and variations

The Surface Book 2 comes in two sizes. A new 15” touchscreen display with enhanced color and graphics or a stunning 13.5” display. Both designed for Pen* and touch. There are 7 choices of the laptop that you could choose when buying, or create your own one with your prefered specs:
– 13.5 inch Intel Core i5 –$1,499
– 13.5 inch Intel Core i7 quad-core
= 256GB – $1,999
= 512GB – $2,499
= 1TB – $2,999
-15 inch Intel Core i7 quad-core
= 256GB – $2,499
= 512GB – $2,899

= 1TB – $3,299


The display comes with up to 3240 x 2160 resolution, 3:2 aspect ratio, 10 point multi-touch, and ink. The battery life is up to 17 hours and you can play easily on maxed-out graphics with no problem due to the laptop’s incredible graphics card and processors.

The 13.5-inch version has 8GB or 16GB RAM 1866Mhz and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 discrete GPU with 2GB GDDR5 memory, while the 15-inch version has only 16GB RAM 1866Mhz and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 discrete GPU with 6GB GDDR5.The laptop runs on 8th generation intel Max Turbo processors and operates in Windows 10 Pro Creators – 64bit Update. I am giving you the full other specs below:

The Surface Book 2 offers a range of Gaming possibilities. It could run any possible game right now and is compatible with Xbox One and has a built-in wireless controller compatibility. It is also perfectly designed for work in the office and it weights only 1.5kg.

You can also get immersed in VR games and content when you pair the new Surface Book 2 with a headset and motion controller or ink pain in Paint 3D, which is an incredible software for artists of all kind. With Surface Book 2 you can’t get bored, there are always features and things you can discover or practice on it.