Amazon’s Adding Real-Time Translating As Well!

In the sphere of smart assistants, there is lots of competitiveness. I don’t know whether Alexa is becoming like Google Assistant, or Google Assistant is becoming like Alexa, but both assistants are going in the right direction. We know the awesome feature of Google’s helper, that it can translate phrases on-the-go. Well, Alexa is planning to add this thing as well anytime soon, according to Yahoo finance.

“Asking the virtual assistant, ‘Alexa, what do I say to the father of the bride at a wedding in Japan?’ would solicit a different response and tone from Alexa than if you asked the assistant ‘What do I say to the master of ceremonies at a wedding in Japan?’ The understanding being that remarks you make to the father of the bride would be more formal and reverential than to the wedding’s master of ceremony.”

The Google’s Pixel Buds are known for this feature actually and it sounds like Amazon is trying to accommodate it as well. They are currently adding this translator in real time, through multiple devices of their family.Google’s attempt at this last year didn’t go well, even though the company hyped the feature with its Pixel Buds release, so I suppose that Amazon will teach from its mistakes and will cope with this cool project better!

Other companies have also attempted to create real-time translation devices, but without any success. The Pixel Buds at least used Google’s existing Translate app and service, which has been the result of years of work. It’s unclear where Alexa would get all its translation skills and whether Amazon has to start fresh with this software, so only near future will show! One thing is sure tho – it will be an incredible feature to have on an Amazon speaker.