3 Things That You Don’t Know About Amazon

Big companies have the tendency of not revealing a huge percent of their strategies. Whether they are marketing ones, customer service secrets, security and whatsoever. This is understandable, but have you ever wondered what may be hiding behind those “secrets”?

I’ll get you to know 3 interesting things about one of the top-end companies and online selling platforms. Yes, it is Amazon. In the last few years they’ve earned one of the top spots in the technology market, due to their awesome innovations and ideas. The big family of home tech and speakers are what earned them this spot, but you most probably don’t know the following 3 things that I’, about to tell you…

Fake reviews are out there

We tend to forget that the internet is a tricky dimension and we should never fully believe what we read. Exploring things in detail is within our human nature, so we’d have to apply it when browsing the net in order not to lose our common sense. Imagine the following scenario. You are browsing for a pair of Jordan Retro 5 sneakers. They run between $300-400, depending on the very colorway of the model. Yeah, but this is for the original Jordans. The fake ones will be twice the price under that and they are really close to them. What will mislead you most probably is the 4.4- star review of the product.

What does that mean? It means basically that the seller who’s trying to throw this fake pair of shoes into your closet has asked a few of his friends to “Perfect review” his add and from there on, the fishing starts. This is not the case with 100% of the perfectly reviewed products out there, but you always have to inspect things further before wasting your money on a fake add of fake shoes.

It’s not the lowest-priced online store

Gasp! It’s true: Amazon might be your go-to source for, well, everything, but that doesn’t guarantee it has the lowest prices. Sometimes on eBay or Craiglist, you’ll be able to find a cheaper version of the product that you’re searching. If you are willing to spend a few minutes in order to save yourself a couple of bucks, then do a price research before you go ahead with it. What’s more, it doesn’t offer price-matching, so if you do find a better deal elsewhere… take it!

The 2-day shipping concept

One of the all-time great Amazon Prime perks is free 2-day shipping, right? Right – so why do items sometimes take three, four or more days to arrive?There’s some little-known fine print that explains this: Amazon doesn’t guarantee your order will arrive two days after you place it, it guarantees that it will arrive two days after it ships.

If there’s limited inventory or some other issue, it might take a day or two before an item leaves the warehouse.And don’t forget garden-variety shipping delays: Inclement weather can slow down all those delivery trucks and airplanes, so don’t fall for that ancient marketing strategy, but just always read things carefully.