Worst Smart Gadget Ever ! Do Not Buy It !

Most of the products that gain awesome reputation on Kickstarter turn out to be really innovative and good-selling because they serve people in the way they were meant to be. Others are just pure nonsense and the good introduction by the manufacturer turns out to be a pure disaster as soon as you get your hands on the product.

Why wasting money to understand that it is pure garbage? That’s the purpose of this article – to save you from falling for the scam and eventually keep your money in your pocket. Special thanks to Lewis, from UnboxTherapy, for letting us know how bad actually this product turns out to be…

What is this product?

Well, it is a portable battery charger, which does not work like those chargers that are known to us. The idea behind its invention is to generate enough power to charge your device by movement, which encourages you to exercise and trade calories for electricity. It sounds great and really innovative, but how much of this idea turns out to be a reality?

The device is called AmpyMove and costs $70. It actually has one of the most bizarre review rates in the Amazon history. It promises to generate enough power to charge your phone by your daily life movements, but the results are tragic. You’ll have to constantly run for days if you want to charge your phone by half.

How bad is it?

No need to beat around the bush – it’s tragic. I hate it when manufacturers have all these good commercials and big price tags, which lure you into getting their wack product and in return, you get fully scammed. The PR of the company admitted that it would take you 60+ hours of running if you’d like to charge the 1,800mAh battery to full capacity. These 60+ hours of running would mean that you’ll have to spend 9 hours a day constantly running (impossible) to charge it.

Even if you manage to complete the challenge of running non-stop for 9 hours a day you’ll end up with a battery that still wouldn’t be able to charge your device fully. In an example, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ that I am currently using has a 3,000mAh battery and this AmpyMove gadget will charge it to 50%? I’d rather spend $70 on a wireless charging dock instead of buying this meaningless “charger”, so be aware before purchasing this wack device. I hope that the information was helpful and would keep your dollars in your pocket.