Affordable Laptops For The Price Of $200?

Buying a new laptop is always a headbanger, especially if you are used to your old machine and haven’t upgraded in a few years. There are numerous incredible models on the market, but some of them have prices that are out of the roof. That’s why we, as consumers, need low-cost options that still offer an impressive level of performance but at a much better price.

This drives the idea to present you 3 great models that come at a price not more than $200 and the models that you can buy for this price will surely amaze you. Again – don’t expect to get the top-end gaming laptop for this price, but I assure you that you’ll find something that’ll be suitable for your needs.

HP EliteBook 8470

First off is this business-class laptop, coming from one of the best companies in this business – HP. It is slightly heavy, compared to other laptops, but features 4GB RAM storage and 500GB internal. The storage capacity is awesome, considering that a hard drive unit will cost you half the price of the laptop. Moreover, it is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor that works at 2.60GHz

The graphics are presented on a 14-inch display and the laptop is great for watching movies, doing some light work, browsing the net and even gaming. When I say gaming I don’t mean that you can play GTA 5 on it, but you can play some light games and even such ones that came out 2-3 years ago and you’ll still have fun. For the price of $200 I don’t know what model will load up the latest game for you and I don’t think that you’ll find it. The EliteBook 8470p by HP is more than a fair offer!

HP Stream Laptop

Kind of similar to the previously discussed laptop, this one features as well a 14-inch display and some similarities in terms of hardware and spec numbers. The RAM storage is again 4GB, but the most bizarre thing about this model is that it features only 32GB internal storage capacity, which means that you can download 3 movies and fill it up with info.

The processor is again by Intel, but this one works on 1.60GHz frequency, which basically means that it wouldn’t be as fast as the EliteBook 8470p, but it will do fine for you. That’s why I said that you should consider what you’ll need the laptop for, before making any crazy purchases that you’ll regret in future. HP Stream laptop with an ultra-portable design. Its thin, lightweight, design in Jet Black looks good anywhere. The improved 802.11 ac 2×2 Wi-Fi antenna delivers stronger, more reliable Internet connections, but that would not personally convince me to prefer it infront of the EliteBook above.

Samsung Chromebook 3

Final proposal in this article and buying guide is the Samsung Chromebook 3 that came a while ago, but still has incredible capabilities that are up-to-date. In terms of hardware, the Chromebook 3 packs an Intel Celeron Processor N3060 with frequency varying between 1.6 GHz and 2.48 GHz. It has 4GB RAM as well and even less internal capacity than the Strem Laptop – this one has only 16GB hard-drive space, which is even less than a smartphone.

It is great for people who use it for light activities – no software-needed work, browsing the net, watching videos, studying, video-chatting and etc. It’s not just for such people who download files and never use them – just to keep the device stacked up with unneeded files. What’s great about this Chromebook 3 is that it weighs less than a kilo, so imagine how you’d feel it in your backpack or in your hand. Sounds convenient and travel-supporting, right?

This is not the most amazing laptop on the market, but for this price range, I think that it is worth it. For me, it’d be hard to choose between this one and the EliteBook 8470p by HP, but If I have to be honest I’ll go with the second option. The EliteBook is better in terms of hardware for sure and it is actually the best option of all three because of that! The price is the same for all, but I’d rather sacrifice 2KG additional weight, than hardware abilities.