Guleek Mini PC – $100 New Laptop!

Transfering from an old PC to a new one may be challenging, as there are numerous versions of desktop computers to choose from and all of them make our decision one of the hardest out there. Some of them are really overpriced and if you’d like to get something for a fair amount of cash, you’d have to dig a little deeper into the web dimension.

But if you are looking for one of the cheapest, I have something that will really be of use for you. It is a computer with the smallest size I’ve seen in a while and with the smallest amount on the price tag as well. This Guleek Mini PC is a pocket-size computer, coming at the price of only $100 – I bet that you’d have a hard time getting even a decent smartphone for this price!

What could be inside of a $100 PC?

You may be thinking that for $100 you wouldn’t be even able to buy a casing for the hardware to be stored in, but with this Guleek PC you wouldn’t have to spend money on a casing. It comes at a 17.5*10.7*5.4cm small box, looking more of a portable battery, rather than a laptop.

When you take a closer look at the sides, you’ll see an HDMI port,  3.5mm Audio Jack, USB 2.0 and 3.0, and a Micro USB for charge or host. In terms of connectivity it is okay, but in terms of storage capacity, you’d better not expect much. For a single bill, a hundred one, you are getting 2 GB of RAM capacity and 32GB eMMC of internal. This means that when you include the operating system in those 32GB of HDD, you remain with storage that you can not use for anything, except browsing the net.

This problem could be solved, kind of, with a TF card, which is also included among the ports on the alloy metal case’s side. Through a USB port, you can also connect a portable hard-drive, which can be up to 1TB, which is pretty convenient and a cheap + effective upgrade.

This affordable laptop operates very well on Windows 10 and is backed up by a processor that works quite well when you take the price into consideration. It is an Intel Atom Cherry with 4 cores working at 1.44GHz speed.

What can you use it for?

You may have a little bit of a hard time transporting the rest of the stuff in order to be able to carry this PC around, but its purpose is not meant for that. Laptops are made for people that want to move them in all times, while PC’s are made for desktop usage as the monitor, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals would give you back pain and headache if you decide to carry them from A to B.

It would be pretty convenient if you use it for work and at home as well. What you have on the Guleek PC will remain there and you’ll only have to ensure that you have a monitor and a keyboard at the spot that you’re deciding to take it to. In an example, if you’ve finished a school project and have to present it tomorrow but you used some different kind of software to finish your job, that is not on the teacher’s PC, you’d have to only put your $100 Guleek Portable PC in your pocket and you’re good to go.

So, for home usage, it is purely perfect and you can even carry it around in your pocket, as you’ve read above. Aside from doing study-related procedures on it, you can even use it for work. It has all Microsoft Office apps on it and it surely runs them well enough! If not working or studying, you can just use it for browsing the net, connecting with people on social media or just watching movies – it has it all in there. Don’t pay attention to the size and price in this case!