Sony Xperia XZ2 – Latest Flagship Smartphone!

With each device that shows up for retail, the choice of which one to get becomes even more frustrating. There are numerous companies to chose from when you are willing to buy a new smartphone, but which one is the best choice for you? This is a question, that is preferable to each individual and we’re here to supply you with the most relevant options to choose from!

Just a while ago one of the leading companies in the tech business, Sony, has released the new player from the Xperia line up – the XZ2. It is a highly powerful device, full of storage and features that would definitely appeal to most of you! It is different from the other flagship devices out there and the price is really reasonable.

I don’t think that it would be a fair competitor to the S9 by Samsung and the iPhone X, but is surely an option that deserves attention and recognition. Moreover, Sony has been known mostly for high-quality products and they are pretty good at any sphere when it comes to technology devices.

Design of the Xperia XZ2

Starting from the visuals, I have to tell you that the design is pretty sleek. It has everything that a flagship phone must have in terms of aesthetics and has that attractive look that will instantly catch your sight. It has experienced some strong changes from the tendency that Sony has been using for the last decade. Now the bezel-heavy design has been transformed from rough to silky.

The fresh and new design form is called ‘Ambient Flow’, which is just flowery design-speak to highlight the fact that this is a more curved handset, with fewer of the sharp edges that characterized previous devices. What it reminds me of is a phone that’s a mash-up of the iPhone concept from 2015 and part HTC U11, which highly appeals to my concept of a beautiful hand-held smart device!

The mostly-used Gorilla Glass 5 has been added to both the front and back of the Xperia XZ2, which makes it look pretty shiny and the curve adds more sex-appeal for sure! This design enables it to sit more comfortably in the hand and overall the phone feels way more natural when you operate on it. Also, the shape feels futuristic when combined with the 18:9 larger display, with the rounded edges and bulging back sitting nicely in the hand.

Thanks to the longer screen aspect ratio, Sony has managed to create a phone that’s not a lot larger than last year’s Xperia XZ but with a much bigger 5.8-inch screen – the reduction in bezel makes everything just seem visually more appealing.


This is an aspect, that Sony has never let to be weak at! They may have not always had all those flashy and cute smartphones, but the performance of each and every device that they’ve ever released was phenomenal. Same thing here, the phone is expected to work flawlessly.

Starting from the main-brain, the processor, we’re able to see that the specs will be higher until the end of the list. It has a Snapdragon 845 packed inside with 4 x Kryo 385 Gold cores, each clocked up at 2.7 GHz. The GPU is Adreno 630, while the operating system is the latest Android Oreo 8.0. Pretty much everything essential into nice amounts, huh?

Storage capacity is not a weak spot as well, coming into 64GB of internal and 4 / 6 GB of RAM. Doesn’t that sound just great? It will surely rock your expectations as soon as you get your hands on it, which will happen by the middle of next month. I’ve always been a Sony fan, I’m even using their legendary Vaio series laptop right now, and I surely believe that the outcome will be incredible! This Xperia XZ2 will not disappoint you, believe me.

Camera and battery

There will be a powerful 3180mAh power pack in the XZ2, larger than the one inside of the Samsung Galaxy S9’s and with the same processor on board, but it will require less power usage, which will be crucial for the overall battery life and performance combined.

With the performance, nice design and ever-lasting battery you’ll probably need to take incredible pictures most of the time, right? The good news is that this device has these outstanding camera abilities as well and is expected even to have one of the most incredible cameras of 2018 by far. It will pack a 19 MP sensor with gyro EIS, predictive phase detection and laser autofocus for even more photographic options.


It will be the perfect phone for you if you are constantly on the go and searching for a device that will back you up in every aspect of your routine. It is productive and you will easily be able to make video calls with no lag and with more than an incredible camera that will be always there for you. As I’ve already said, the device is expected to launch at the middle of next month, so we are already waiting for it (at least me) and I can tell you from now that it would be a huge thing.

Good thing that Sony decided to change the trend and try something that is not within their standard procedures, but rather open up the creative mind of the company and come up with something that deserves to be used by millions and will be preferred by those millions in front of other flagship smartphones!