No Rumors! The New 2018 Apple iPad & iPad Pro Are Here!

Unlike the laptop and smartphone parts of the technology market, the tablet one has a lot to be desired from. There is a lot of rivalries that is going on out there, but when it comes to tablets we know who is unbeatable there – Apple. In the recent years, they’ve created a line up of iPads that are hard to beat and with their newest addition, which was announced just a week ago, they raised the bar up and I don’t think that we’ll be able to see a better tablet than this one any time soon.

The 2018 iPad popped out in 2 versions – the normal one and the Pro version. The differences between these two versions are big and of course the price is one of the aspects that you should also consider. There were not so huge upgrades in the normal iPad since the 2017 model, but the price of it is very reasonable, which makes me want to get my hands on it. I am not an Apple fan but I highly admire their work and effort that they put into the creation of the iPad and I actually think that it is one of their top 3 devices ever made.

What’s so new in the iPad 2018?

The idea behind the creation of the iPad is to make it feel like a portable computer/tablet/laptop and smartphone all in one, and I have to say that Apple nailed it perfectly. You have an option to connect a keyboard to it and it is powerful enough to comply with all your needs and tasks. The biggest difference between the 2018 and 2017 versions is the new integration of the Apple pen. It is a small but very functional feature that enables you to draw with ease, operate smoothly and precisely input letters while typing, without pressing the wrong letter. The bad thing is that you have to pay extra for the pen, as it does not come with the packaging and the total cost of the pen is $99, which combined with the $329 price of the iPad makes a total of $428 and I don’t think that you will be able to find any better tablet for this price.

Another difference from the last year model is the processor and the display. On the 2018 iPad, you will make a great use of the A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture and you will be astonished by the 9’7″ display with 2048 x 1536-pixel resolution (264 pixels per inch). The camera hasn’t been changed and the battery will keep up with you for up to 10hours, which is great for a device this big and capable.

Differences between the normal iPad and the iPad Pro?

Behind the huge difference in the price between the two versions, there is a reasonable explanation why. Basically, the iPad Pro is aiming at content creators and people who are really in need of having as small and portable device that would keep up with their working pace and needs at all times. The hardware in the iPad Pro is way better than the one in the normal iPad and it has some other features that are unseen in the $329 version.

You can find the iPad Pro in two types – 10’5″ and 12’9″ which is close to a normal display of a laptop. The price of the 10’5″ is starting at $649, while the one on the 12’9″ starts at $799. Both sizes have a storage capacity of 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The first difference, aside from the size, that you can spot right away between the normal iPad and the Pro is the audio performance. On the ordinary one, you’ve got only 2 speakers, while on the Pro you’ve got 4 and I think that it is a strategy from Apple that makes you want the more expensive tablet, not that they couldn’t have added it to both versions.

Another major difference is the camera. On the Pro version, you can make professional photos and even record videos at a 4K quality, while on the 9’7″ iPad you can only record HD videos at 1080p. Of course, the Pro version camera has been optimized to the fullest and it is actually the biggest reason why it costs almost twice the amount. Content creators will benefit the most out of it as well as people who work hard and their job requires the use of such a device. If you are just planning to use it for watching videos, sharing photos or something like this, you’d better save your money and get the ordinary 2018 iPad, as you wouldn’t make the most use out of the Pro model specs.

I definitely share the thought that there should be more competition among tablet device manufacturers, as this would’ve brought up tablets to a whole new level and new ideas will overflood the market. Until we find a fair competitor to the iPad by Apple, we will continue to search and as soon as something of this kind pops out, I will share my point of view on it on the spot! For those $329 you get a piece of tech that would serve you perfectly and will pay off definitely, so do not hesitate!

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