Xiaomi Gaming Laptop – Should You Buy It?

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand that gained popularity in the last couple of years and I can easily say that it had an impact on the technology market worldwide for sure. Many of their products have been in a price range that makes you wonder why are they so cheap, and their performance is way better than the price tag itself. However, Xiaomi has to come a long way in order to get to the top-selling spots worldwide and I think that they are heading in the right direction and they are doing their job perfectly.

Recently, they released a gaming laptop that looks and has everything that a laptop from this category should have. The price, however, is a move different from those we’ve already seen from the company. Yes, the laptop is great and works flawlessly, but we as users are not used to seeing price tags on Xiaomi products over $1000, right? This doesn’t mean that the product is not good, that is surely not the case, but is it a good move for us to go ahead and grab such a laptop from a brand that has yet to prove themselves? I’ll let you know below.

What’s the Xiaomi Laptop?

First thing first, I really love how they managed to create a laptop that doesn’t look like something special, right until you power it up. The design is pretty simple but as soon as you start it you’ll see some incredible lights that trigger the idea that this laptop is a gaming one. On the inside, you can find and Intel i7-7700HQ processor, working along with 6GB Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics to provide you with the ultimate gaming feeling on a 15’6″ 1080p display. In terms of specs, the laptop is stacked up with some good numbers and has 16GB of RAM enough for you to start any game you’d like + 1TB of hard drive space so you could save all the games you’d like to play in advance.

How has it been designed?

When you look at the laptop when it is closed and not working you would never tell that it is a gaming one and that it has something special inside. As soon as you open it you may start recognizing some things, but right after you press the power button you’ll have the whole picture cleared up.

There are no Xiaomi logos and ads on the laptop, except the Xiaomi branding on the lid under the display. The hinges are something that differs the laptop from others and I really like how they engineered and set it up! RGB lights make the laptop shine and scream “gaming” on the sides and on the keyboard, which is actually one of the best keyboards I have seen in a while. The positioning of the touchpad also gives you armrest space and you would not find it uncomfortable or distracting while playing your favorite games. The keys are fully macro and RGB, which adds up to the awesome design and the keyboard layout has been divided into 4 colors, which enables you to easily navigate yourself to the most strategic hotkeys that you’ve picked up for the certain game.

Overall, the build quality is something that you will certainly appreciate if you decide to get your hands on the laptop and you would not be let down for sure. It is a stable gaming laptop, that will surely work good for you for years and it won’t fall apart in a couple of months, which is a thing that I have seen in some laptops…

Is it worth buying it?

This is the ultimate question when it comes to whether you should get your hands on the laptop or not. For the price of $1430 you surely have a lot of options to chose from, but what should make you decide to go for the Xiaomi model? I am not sure… it is a question that only you could answer for yourself and if you are ready to pay such an amount, I am not saying that it is a lot for a gaming laptop, then you would never be let down by the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop. I don’t think that it will hit the stores in North America or Europe any time soon, so those who are able to get their hands on the laptop, referring to Chinese people, should drop a comment on how the device works and feels like and whether they regret their choice!