Apple Takes the Speaker to a Whole New Level – Introducing the HomePod

In June at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference Apple announced the creation of a new powerful and adaptive speaker – Homepod. Along with Apple Music, it gives you instant access to some of the world’s largest music collection of all genres. This speaker can also be controlled through voice interaction (Siri), which gives you everything you need to listen to your favorite music everywhere! Putting all these features into a small speaker is a real breakthrough and big move by Apple.

“We completely reimagined how a speaker should make music in the home. HomePod combines Apple-engineered audio technology and advanced software to deliver the highest-fidelity sound throughout the room, no matter where it’s placed. This elegantly designed, compact speaker totally rocks the house.”- Apple

The tubular speaker is really compact, covered in seamless mesh fabric because of its acoustic properties. The main idea of Apple is to make it small, but really effective and with high-quality adaptive to the surround sound.

HomePod works with Siri and has 6 inbuilt microphones, which means that it could detect your commands from anywhere in the room. You could choose from all genres and songs you know – it has it! With “Siri” intelligence you would wonder, how such a small speaker knows more music than you, but that is what is it made for.

With the command “Hey Siri”, you activate it and you could see that on a LED waveform at the top of it. It is also important to mention, that everything you say around the speaker couldn’t be heard from anyone else because Apple servers are encrypted and completely honest and anonymous.


It could be easily said that it is a Mac Pro – but with a different mission. It has a cylindrical body, with a 272×340 display, which lights when you activate it with “Hey Siri”. The only controls that it has are play, pause, change music and also to adjust the volume.It is made as clean as it could be, no excessive buttons and unneeded features. It is 6.8 inches tall and 5.6 inches width.

Sound quality and how it works
With the design that Apple came, along with the quality of the sound I can say that it would be game-changing move! The speaker is constructed with 7 tweeters at the bottom, which is the answer to the adaptiveness, and 6 microphones above the tweeters, so it could perfectly and clearly hear your voice commands.

This is a map of how the tweeters produce soundwaves, that depending on how they reflect from the surroundings change the way they work for the best and bring the most clearer sound quality to the listener’s ear.
Above the tweeters, you could see the microphones that could hear commands, even when loud music is playing.
In order not to disrupt the way how every feature work, Apple put the woofer facing upwards. This way the powerful woofer moves air, which creates a deep bass. The sound quality is constantly being corrected by a software and low-frequency microphone, to prevent sound distortion.

SIRI – your personal assistant

The speaker is not only suitable for music because Siri has a lot of inbuilt commands, which can make your daily life easier. You could play over 40 million songs on it and if you are wondering who the guitar player is – you could ask Siri and it will tell you. The same goes for pretty much any information connected to music.
You can also ask Siri questions on different topics like the weather, what the time is, to make appointments and reminders and etc.

Release date and price

There is no specific release date, but it has been said that it would be released in the month of December. The price is expected to be $349 and the supply could be limited at launch.

Source: Apple