Go Bone – The Perfect Smart Toy For Your Dog

Not long ago this year a team of dog lovers created PulsePet, an association driven by the idea of improving dogs health. Santiago Gutlerrez, the CEO and founder of PulsePet, came up with the idea of inventing a toy, that will play with your dog while keeping it happy when you are away.

The smart toy is called Go Bone and is perfectly engineered for its purpose, easy to use and maintain! It is also good for dogs in animal shelters, who are waiting for their new home. You just have to turn it on, and it starts to “run” around, which initially triggers the desire for play in your dog!


The structure of the Go Bone actually looks like a dumbbell. It has 2 wheels on the side, that are easy to detach, so you could change the rubber shell when it wears off. In the middle of the “handle”, there is a sensor, which detects the nearby objects so it won’t crash and to automatically accelerate when there is nothing around.

It is a smart gadget, so if you can schedule “play time” whenever you want to start a hot pursuit. The materials used for the wheels, core and shell are FDA compliant nylon and TPU, which means that they are friendly to your dog’s gems, so there is nothing to worry about.

Used technology

One of the coolest things about the gadget is that it has a Bluetooth connection, that supports both iOS (9.0 or later) and Android (4.3 or later). That way you could trigger it from your phone or set a schedule via manufacturer’s app. If you decide to schedule an “Auto Play” you have to keep in mind, that the battery has a life of 8 hours.

I think that 8 hours of play will exhaust your dog, but if it doesn’t you could charge it with a USB charger and go for more. Another thing to mention is that it has an upgradable Firmware over the air and if you have any hard times with it you could always call the hard working support team.

The good initiative by PulsePet

Dogs have been human’s best friend since cavemen era and we have an ultimate physical connection with them. That’s why they feel sometimes the same way we feel – sad, happy, angry, excited, etc. Our own idea to tame them long ago is the cause why they end up in the big city streets and deal with starvation and such a way of life. That’s why we build animal shelters, right?¬†Well, practically PulsePet’s idea is that when you buy a Go Bone for $199 you automatically donate 1 Go Bone to an animal shelter, so that way there is are no double-standards! We have to understand that we are also animals and it is our obligation to solve the problems that we have created, so I really appreciate the initiative by PulsePet.

A lot of people have dogs in their homes, who lack playtime during the day and when you come back exhausted from work, playing with your dog is not the first thing that comes up to your mind. With this innovative toy, you give everything your dog needs to keep it happy, while you are away, which results in its better health and behavior.If you need any info on how to purchase the product, you could visit Go Bone website below.