LINK AKC – Smart Dog Collar

To take care after a dog is somehow close to raising a kid of your own. You have to learn the basics of taking care of another live soul and watch it grow in front of your eyes before you move on to the far more serious part of having a kid. In both cases, it’s not as easy as it sounds and people often get into trouble while taking a dog on a walk. There is always the chance of it to run away if you still haven’t taught it the basics of how to behave outside.

That’s why a team of friends decided to create the best and smart Collar, that lets you know everything for your best friend – where it is, how’s it’s health, monitor the activity level of the dog and even helps highly with the training! This collar is beyond expectations and it’s highly effective.
It also has an app, which has other cool features and is free on Google Play and for iPhones too.

Purpose and Design

The reason behind its creation is a group of people who have an enormous love for dogs. The LINK AKC Collar has a lot of interesting features, that are very helpful. A GPS system is in-build and powered by a battery, which has a lifetime of 2 days. You charge it as if you are charging your phone – no difference. It also detects your dog’s health and activity but most importantly, you know exactly where your dog is and even sets an alarm if it crosses the border of the area that you’ve marked as a playground-region.

Talking about the design it is really nice and users give great feedback, saying that the materials are looking and feeling on point. It is leather-made to last for a good long time.To describe it most accurately – it is similar to a belt with a small panel that lights red if you start it from the app, so you could find your dog easier in the dark.It is also shock resistant and waterproof.

Activity tracker
The free-to-use has a calendar in which you set your daily goals and have to achieve with your dog. This really helps with the training of your beloved dog. The LINK AKC uses a proprietary three-axis accelerometer to track your dog’s daily movement and learns what constitutes as high and moderate intensity and thus counting towards your dog’s daily activity goal. This is really important because dogs have to be in constant movement for their well being.

You also earn a streak reward each time your dog meets its daily activity goal. You can always turn back and check what you have done in the past, there is a storage space for old achievements. It is a smart device, so it automatically can set the needed amount of activity for your dog, you just have to help with it’s achieving. You can adjust the activity level at any time. In order not to lose additional battery, the collar sends information to the app every 1 hour, so you have to keep in mind that it won’t update every one step.

Training your dog with LINK AKC

To train your dog with this smart gadget makes it really fun for both you and your pet.Its app has a sound feature that you should use every time your dog obeys your command. This sound helps with the memorizing of the accomplished trick. Combining the sound with a food award will speed-up the process of learning the command.
If you start using it when the dog is still small you will be astonished by the effects of it. This will strongly affect the dog’s intellectual development.

The team that has created the product turned special attention to any of the features. The collar combines everything you basically need to raise up and train your dog properly. Nowadays some people turn more attention to their dog rather than themselves.

The LINK AKC Smart Collar is an invention that’s worth every dollar, from the whole $149. Visit the manufacturer’s site below for more information and shipping details.