Navdy – The Best HUD Display For Your Car

Nowadays cars have all the fancy and high-technology that sometimes you wonder how fast we took that leap? Navdy, a device specially created to ease your driving, is a perfect example. It feels, looks and operates really futuristically.The idea of creating it is to work wirelessly as a phone, but not distract you.

It keeps you focused on the road because it’s a transparent head-up display and you see-thru it perfectly. What is projected on that display depends on you and your preferences, because I assure you that Navdy has lots of features. You could use it as a navigator, music player, phone-call receiver and all you control it with is your voice and simple gestures.

How it looks and operates?

Navdy is a platform, that works on Bluetooth connection with your phone. It eases you while driving because you can do all the basic things you need with simple action. Similar to Siri, it works with voice commands and has an inbuilt voice interaction software.

The fact that it presents the information on a transparent glass could be lifesaving, depending on the situation, but I think that big car companies should think of creating such interactive projection units that present images on the windshield. Cars already have computers in them, so it won’t be hard to do it for engineers and I bet that we’ll get to the point when we’ll start seeing this more often.

As I’ve mentioned, you can easily control it with simple gestures. If someone calls you, your phone sends the information to the Navdy platform and you can answer the call with a thumb up. Isn’t that cool enough?


Other features

Aside all the things we’ve mentioned, it can do other significant things. This system is smart, which by itself means that it consists a variety of functions. Navdy detects low fuel, monitors traffic, and automatically re-routes if there’s congestion ahead. And the longer you use it, the more it learns about you. Based on habits and calendar events, it can anticipate your needs and make helpful, time- saving suggestions.

It can also be controlled with this ring, that you place on the steering. With rotating it you scroll through different apps and options and by pressing the button in the middle you perform the action. I think that it’s safer and better than holding your phone while driving. It could save the life of either you or an innocent passenger. As opposed to Google, this system does not need any additional glasses.

We should admire the idea of this creation, but to be honest the price of $500 is a bit too much. It is functional but too expensive. That’s what I meant by saying that big car companies should take it into consideration and create and develop a similar system, so we could see it more often.