CyberPower PC Gamer Ultra 3400A – The Best Low Cost Gaming PC

When you start searching for a new gaming computer, you understand that it’s not an easy task. There are way too much different companies and models of gaming PC’s that make the decision hard to do. This is because gaming has it’s fans worldwide and each company tries to offer it’s best. But we have to agree, that sometimes they are a bit overpriced because they only look futuristic.

You also always have the chance to build a PC on your own, but with CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 3400A you can easily get an incredibly powerful Gaming PC for only $599 for a set, which includes the machine/console, gaming keyboard, and a gaming mouse. I assure you, that you’d get the best for the money. It’s designed to allow air-flow to every part of the inside, with LED lights that make it look great. The components inside are powerful and let you easily play almost any game of your choice.


The CyberPower PC is built with a design, that stands up to the standards of a gaming PC. On the front, there is a huge vent, that allows the air-flow. There are 2 USB ports on the upper front with a headphones and microphone ports amongst them. The fact that it those things are not wirelessly-connected could be considered as a con, but the manufacturer included a mouse and a keyboard in the set. The side of the PC is transparent and easy to detach, which means that you have right access to every component if needed. It weighs 29.6 pounds, but we have to bear in mind that it’s a gaming PC, not a laptop, so you won’t happen to move it often.

Specs and features

This gaming machine has 1TB storage, 8 GB SDRAM DDR3, AMD Vishera FX-6300 Hexa-Core processor 3.50GHz (up to 4.10GHz via Turbo boost), 8MB L3 Cache, AMD Radeon R7 250 Graphics with 2GB dedicated video memory. The hardware combined with how it is presented on the outside design of the computer makes it worth every single 599th dollar. Speaking of processors, you can check out this comprehensive list provided by 2K Reviews that includes some of the most powerful CPUs you can currently get out there.

CyberPower PC runs on Windows 10 and Backup and Restore options built into Windows allow you to create safety copies of your most important personal files, so you’re always prepared for the worst. It has a one year warranty, so you can call the support if you have any trouble at any time.

You can order this computer on It could be shipped to almost any country, so shipping could make the final price a little bit too high. It comes well packed, with power cord, USB gaming mouse, USB gaming keyboard and guide for initial setup. As I’ve already said, if you are familiar with computers you could build one on your own – with its own components by your preference, but for the price of $599, I think that this gaming computer has everything you need and it comes right to your door – ready to use!