ASUS ROG G20CB – The Godfather Of Tower PC’s

The addition to the well-known ROG series by Asus from last year – G20CB, is still preferred by most gamers even a year after the release of the compact, powerful and futuristic gaming PC. The ROG series quickly gathered likers and follower worldwide, and they keep upgrading the series with the latest and best technology that’s on the market. This particular “tower” PC is a desktop machine, that could run any game maxed-out, and will save you a ton of space, because of the way how the hardware is placed inside. It is a small and powerful alien-looking platform.

Lately, Asus released the Aura Sync app, that has many compatible products with the G20CB, which shows how the company cares and does anything for the fans and makes sure that they’ll get the best supported and maintained product. On the inside, there is internal storage of 1.5TB, which could be upgraded up to 3TB.The G20CB includes a normal 16GB of memory, and the storage follows the conventional pattern of an SSD with a hard disk.

Design, ports, and connectivity

Looking at it first, it reminds me instantly of the classic game – Quake 4. It literally looks, like it just got out of the game. It is considered as a tower PC because it is ultra slim and the hardware components are “stacked-up”. It’s got LEDs on its front and base that can be customised in software, and the front and top panels are decorated with a striking, angular pattern – a design Asus says is inspired by Mayan tribes.

It’s 104mm wide at its thickest point and 61mm across at the top, and 340mm tall.The aggressive look is also helped by the matte-finish all over the surface and the way how the platform is thick at the bottom, and slowly and symmetrically tightens on the way to the top. The thinnest part is at the peak on the front panel, where the power on/off button is placed. In the exact middle of the front tribal pattern, there is a narrow plastic part, which is for easy access to the ports – microphone, headphone and 2 USB 3.0. On the back there are more ports – 2 x USB 3.1 , 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 , 2 x USB 2.0 ,1 x HDMI-Out,1 x 7.1 Channel Audio and other.

It’s easy to open it up, but hard to access and change a particular component. The system can be opened by removing two screws and sliding away one side of the case but everything is in a cage: the graphics card sits along one side of the case, the hard disk is another small cage, and the small cooling fans sit above the rest of the components, all of which are locked down.

It features both Wi-Fi, LAN, and Bluetooth connection, as well as Asus Aura Sync compatibility, due to the fact that most of the components are Aura Synchronizable.With the Aura Sync software, you could choose from millions of colors and light schemes for your graphics card, coolers or other hardware.

Specs, performance, and price

The G20CB raises the bar and is obvious that it is from the ROG series. Not only in terms of design it is a pure beauty, but the hardware is beyond expectations too. It is made to serve and give every gamer what he needs and to perform at the highest level possible. This is inevitable with the 6th Generation Intel Octa-Core i7 processor, clocked at 3.4GHz each, backed up by discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics for optimal gaming experience.

You could download, install and collect games and information up to 1.5TB on the hard-drive and play games that require RAM storage between 8GB and 32GB because that’s the maximal size that you could upgrade to. The G20CB also features Intel Turbo Boost technology and all this operates on Windows 10 Home, but a great percent of gamers advise us to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, for even better support and performance. The price of this George Jetson type of desktop computer is $1,800 on Amazon, and I have to say that it has not dropped for a year and most likely won’t in the next one.