65″ 4K Smart QLED TV Q7F – The Next TV Innovation

With the newest QLED series of Samsung, we are witnessing an innovation, that is expected to game-change the section of TVs on the technology market. Recently a 55″ version of the QLED Q7F TV was released and is incredibly successful due to its performance and innovation. A 65″ version is awaited to hit the stores soon, as well as the online one of Samsung.The company is well-known and appreciated for their constant come-ups of ideas. They never let the users upset and always bring up products at the top quality, and TVs or smartphones that always seem to look and most surely perform brilliantly! The innovations really affected how the displays the screen of these devices are built. That’s the case with the 65″ 4K Smart QLED TV – The Q7F model and QLED TV Series at all.


The design is one of the key features of this TV. It is created in a way, that it could perfectly present the picture when looked at any angle you want. The 65-inch screen will look beautiful but you have to bear in mind that it’s kind of big so if you want to mount it on your wall you have to think of a bigger wall to hang it on.


It has incredibly smooth edges and bezel-less frame, that adds to both the design and performance.The best thing about this is that you won’t need to connect it to with any cables because it works wirelessly and you put a stop to any kind of any tangled cords around your house.The lack of frames around it adds to the experience of watching any movies at 4K you want on it and it will be mostly appreciated by gamers in my opinion because the breathtaking 4K HDR will optimize their performance for sure.Controller device could be not only the remote one but you can easily turn your own mobile phone into such using a single app.

Display and performance

I believe that the 4K QLED series will have a huge impact on the market and the way how TV’s are built because just by watching how this one performs in reviews online makes me buy it and get the most out of it! No matter how and what you feel like doing, you can most definitely try it out on this monster! You can watch not only movies on 4K HDR but also use your Xbox One X for the maximal gaming experience offered right now.

One of the things that we could see in all the products of the Q series is all of the connections and ports (besides power) are housed in a ‘One Connect’ box. The idea is to make it easier to plug everything into a small device and free yourself from the use and tangling of cables all around.

The display is phenomenal! The frame’s non-existence and the Dolby Audio sound are only add-ons to the perfectly presented screen picture, that features 4K quality Quantum Dot technology on an extremely flat 65″ screen. It is designed so that it could present the black color in an immersive way that has not been witnessed on any other TV yet. Companies like Samsung are incredibly famous and on a position that they can exaggerate their products but by far from what I’ve seen this TV backs-up every rumor until now.

The fact that it’s smart and could be connected easily to your phone or other peripheral devices, expands its possibilities and actually makes them limitless. You can connect it to your home Wi-Fi and watch videos or stream movies at the highest quality at any time. You can also connect a keyboard to it and use it as a computer and I assure you that it’s fast enough for that due to its Quad Core processor. For easy access, there’s a Smart Hub that has shortcuts to apps for Sports, Music and TV Plus.

Find more information about the product or pre-order in on Samsung’s product page.