Vizio M-Series TV – Quality And Affordability

Most TV’s out there are worth taking a shot at but we have to agree that some have prices that are out of the roof. Some don’t worth the price, being hundreds of dollars more expensive than others, just because of the branding it comes from. If you’re searching for a cheaper and high-quality TV, then I have to present you the Vizio’s M65-EO, that offers some of the best dollar-for-dollar picture performance on the planet and will definitely appeal to you!

Vizio’s 2016 M-Series 4K UHD display offered incredible performance for the money, but the company’s updated SmartCast interface — which traded the bulk of its onboard user interface and streaming apps for Chromecast-based streaming. In 2017, Vizio made a concession of sorts, adding a few baked-in streaming apps and a more traditional interface.


With simple remote control system and plain-like stand that’s consisted of steel-calibrated legs, that I find extraordinary and innovative at the same time. It is a big move by the company, trying to combine design, performance and affordable price, with a control system that is as simple as a kid’s toy, featuring only buttons that you’ll mostly happen to use, with no unneeded ones, that just fill the space on it.

The Vizio M-Series offers 5 options of an available size that you could choose from. The variety ranges from 50 to 75″ and all of the TV’s will open up the room where they’d find a place to be positioned. A high-quality presentation is assured by the XLED Plus, with 32 zones of full-array local dimming enhances bright levels and fine tunes the precision of every pixel for an incredible picture experience. XHDR Plus, as well as HDR, are also listed, and for the given price I just fell in love with this TV from the first sight.

On the front, the TV is really clean-looking, simple and with an incredibly thin bezel, with only the Vizio branding located at the lower-right corner. Moving to the back, we could see that it’s the same as last year, undergoing just minor changes that could be hardly seen if not compared side to side. The connection keeps the same place, located on the lower right corner.

Controls are perfect and really nice-looking. The remote device has buttons included, that only happen to be used often and not just fill space and never be clicked. Materials and design of it make it feel really comfortable, handy and light. Operating on it is better than ever, and again, I can’t say that it has changed a lot since 2016’s sequel.

Screen and performance

As I’ve already said, the TV comes in 5 different options that you could choose from, that vary from 50″ to 75″, all of which delivers high-quality picture at the best color schemes possible. XHDR Plus, 4K Ultra HD, Ultra Color Spectrum and Xtreme Black Engine Plus all add to the premium level presentation offered by the product.

The XLED Plus helps with its 32 zones of full-array local dimming while enhancing bright levels and fine tunings the precision of every pixel for an incredible picture experience. Vivid contrast and exceptional depth are also assured with Dolby Vision and HDR10 content support. The 32 local dimming zones of XLED Plus, intuitively adapt brightness levels for darker, richer blacks without compromising brights, while the 8.3 million screen pixels form a pristine 4K Ultra HD picture with pure-looking details and brilliant clarity in everything you decide to load-up and watch.

You can switch on what you’d like to watch now via your own smartphone since the TV offers Bluetooth connection that would help you with easing your access at any given time. Starting to roll out now on 2017 M-Series1. SmartCast TVSM features apps like Netflix and Amazon Video directly on the big screen for simple access to your favorite TV shows, movies, and music.Every VIZIO SmartCast display has Chromecast built-in. It enables you to download and access thousands of Chromecast-enabled apps on your mobile device and stream right to your display.

Starting at the lowest level, the 50″ version costs only $499 and reaches $1,799 for the biggest 75″ one. Click here for additional information about any of the specific variations offered, as well as to check the pricing and shipping details if you happen to like the product as much as I do.