Samsung MS750 – A Great Multiroom Soundbar

If searching for a higher-end soundbar and you’re able to offer yourself a more expensive soundbar, with s sound quality matching the price tag, then the new MS750 home-theater system from Samsung is the perfect choice for you. This soundbar is the excellent system for any home and has almost all the features you’d want it to have and can also be expanded with other Samsung speakers, though you’ll need to spend a few more hundreds to get the most out of the bass and quality out of it.

With cutting edge technology like Ultra High Quality 32-bit upscaling and Distortion-Cancelling Bass, this soundbar has no problem putting out wall-shaking audio at an exceptional level of clarity. The HW-MS750 is an outstanding, powerful soundbar that any home cinema enthusiast will certainly enjoy –  It works along with 11 speakers in a 5.0 channel configuration and supports 4K passthrough via two HDMI ports.


The dark-metal colorway adds to the sophisticated and clean looks of the HW-MS750. On the outside, it is a combination of matte black plastic along the front and top grille and stunning brushed aluminum on the sides, back, and bottom.At 45.3 x 5.1 x 3.2 inches size, it’s a fairly long soundbar, best suited for 50-inch big TV’s, or larger if you’d like to. Another thing is that it’s higher than most of other soundbars, so you’d better clear up some space and decide how to put it before you purchase it.

The height of the soundbar may be a con, because if placed in front of a TV with a lower base/stand, it could block some IR sensors, which means that you’ll have troubles with controlling your TV via remote controls. If it happens to block the sensors of your TV, you can attach it to any wall you’d like to, with the VESA mounting points. I like the positioning of the 11 speakers, positioned all along the length of the soundbar, which add to the overall audio-quality experience and immersive surround-system performance. To sum up my statements, the design is pretty good and makes a huge impact and contribution to the performance quality.

Performance and sound

In terms of performance, I have to admit that the soundbar is easy to connect to other devices, and not just other but way too many. It uses lots of different types of connection – Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, Optical audio cable or 3.5mm auxiliary, with no difference in performance between all ways of setup. Samsung’s soundbar supports most of the largest music streaming apps through the app, including Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music, TuneIn, and Pandora. For a soundbar, it’s pretty well stocked with connectivity options.In terms of straight sound output, you’ll find a lot to like here – especially if you take the time to delve into the settings and tweak the EQ.

It also packs a 32-bit Ultra High Quality (UHQ) upsampling and Distortion-Cancelling Bass that work constantly and are the two major features of this Samsung soundbar. This means, that if you are listening to music you can hear it just the way the producer wants it to get to your ears. You’ll hear some things in your favorite songs, that you’ve never happened to pay attention to. The lows, mids, and highs of the soundbar are in an extremely precise point of presentation, so you’ll hardly dislike how it works out!

For the price of $449, this Samsung MS750 soundbar is one of the best options out there. Along with all the hardware and performance abilities, you’ll hardly remain unpleasant. If you are planning on building the best home-theatre system, you can use this soundbar along with a set of powerful speakers and woofer for the optimal experience quality that you’ll not forget or regret. Go ahead and check out the following link for more information!