Top 3 Best SmartMugs Perfect For Everyday Usage

Gadgets are always getting innovative and people are constantly trying to push the limits of any given object we use in our daily life. Such example are the mugs that use every day, that through the last couple of years underwent lots of big changes.

They also turned smart and got different innovative features included. Controlled system for heating, indicator when and how much water should you drink, non-spilling technology and other cool features have been added to the releases that happened in the last 2-3 years. We’ll take a look at the top 3 best Smart Mugs, that are perfect to carry around your house, office, school and will keep your coffee warm through any daily activity you perform.

3.Mighty Mug

This so-called Mighty Mug is the cheapest on the list, coming at the price of $25, and it has a patented SmartGrip technology. You can simply place the mug on a table or any other smooth surface, and it’ll create a powerful airlock that’ll allow it to survive occasional shocks, which makes it hard/impossible to spill and the risk of getting your laptop drowned is gone.

It will rise with a slight movement of the hand, due to the normalization of pressure and as soon as you pick it up, the hole on the top could be lifted and then you can drink from the mug. Before the airlock is released, the mug has a slight chance of being opened. It’s a good gift not only for yourself but for close ones that you know that they have the chance of spilling it on their laptop.

2.Ember Temperature Control Mug

The Ember Temperature Control Mug is perfect for people who love smart gadgets and hot coffee, and there’s no chance that you don’t like it. It has the same non-spill technology as the Mighty Mug, but the main difference between both is that this one is far more intelligent. You can set the temperature that you enjoy mostly through an app that could be downloaded from iTunes or Google Store.

It’s the world’s most advanced temperature control mug for enjoying your favorite hot beverage exactly the way you like it and it rapidly heats or cools your drink to the temperature you set manually or through the app. You can also create presets on the Bluetooth controlled app and control it in more ways because there are no physical buttons for raw control on the mug. You can find it on Amazon for the price of $150.

1.SmartShow Mug: Active Hydration Monitor
The SmartShow Mug takes the number 1 spot on the list, as it’s the most intelligent and smart mug that I’ve seen. Not only it is smart but tracks your hydration level throughout the day, which means that it has an ability to trace one of the most important aspects of health – water consumption. Most of us don’t care about how much water they drink per day, which is a big mistake that often leads to different health issues. It has a purpose to serve good to users and is not full of features that you won’t happen to ever use, and it’s 1 main key feature is what places it on the top of this chart.
The SmartShow mug and app gathers your body metrics (based off your age, gender, weight, height, and lifestyle) and tracks your hydration level to help you optimize every workout, training set, and race. It then prompts you in real-time, alerting to exactly how much fluid you need and what type of performance boost you can expect. It has a fully waterproof body, for easy cleaning, and a bunch of other cool features that you’ll find helpful.
It indicates when the water inside is low-level and shows it’s purity level – something that’s essential and should be seen more often! It works on lithium-ion battery and the charging takes only 10 minutes, which will be enough for a full-day run with the mug. The final price of the product is high, but I’d rather spend $89 for a health-related product, rather than stuff that I won’t need in a day or two. Drinking water is essential to all of us, but the bad thing is that we underestimate water as the main source of power. We should all drink plenty of it and build that as a future habit. As far as I’ve seen until now – you build bad habits easily and live with them hard, while you build good habits hard, but live with them easily!