4 Unique iPhone Accessories

Manufacturers are always trying to put their best effort in the making of iPhone-related gadgets. If you are an iPhone user, you’d probably like to upgrade your thousand-dollar phone to the fullest. Using such a smartphone with no protection at all is a crazy thing to do, unless you have enough money to afford spare parts in case something bad happens with the device (which is not unlikely to happen at all).

There are plenty of great accessories for the iPhone series, especially around the last releases, that will surely appeal to you and in the following article we’ll take a look at 4 out of the many unique iPhone accessories. Not only cases, but other devices are included, that will be found really useful by lots of people. Special thanks to UnboxTherapy for the great video, that shows us how these gadgets practically look and work.

Olixar X-Ranger – iPhone Tough Case

If you agree with my opinion, that its crazy to leave your thousand-dollar phone unprotected by a case, then you’ll find the Olixar X-Ranger Tough Case of great use! Featuring a robust multi-layered design, the Olixar X-Ranger provides excellent protection for your iPhone X and just might be the best all-round utility case available. This protective case is keeping your smartphone secure at all times – even in the most extreme of conditions. With rubberised non-slip bumper pads, textured brushed metal effect surfaces for extra grip, a secure multi-tool / card compartment and a handy flip out kickstand, few other cases come close to the protection and features on offer here. All of the combined ideas in this case come at the total price of $25 for the iPhone X and $30 for 7+ and 8+, which is outstanding for a case of this kind.

There’s a multitool included for opening letters, bottles or a ruler for quick measurement in case you need it, because you never know what the day may bring you up.The Olixar X-Ranger case features an ingenious back compartment that can hold either the included multi-tool or a credit card-sized object or your choice. Access is gained by lifting the kickstand compartment up. Located at the back of the case is a super-convenient flip-out kickstand,  that you can use if you want to stream media in landscape mode.

MEEM Memory Cable

Every person has information, that he doesn’t want to ever lose. The MEEM Memory Cable is one of a kind and it’s both a phone charger and automatic back-up device all in one portable and easy to use cable. Every time you put your phone to charge, this gadged automatically backs up the personal data directly on a built-in memory, attached to the base of the cable.

Easily upgrade whether moving from old technology or purely changing your phone MEEM makes it happen seamlessly. It also comes with a specially created app, that gives you full control of any situation and fully protecs your data from intruders as well. The device goes online for the price of $55 for the 32GB memory version and if you’d like to get a bigger one in terms of size, you’ll have to spend some extra cash.

LEEF iBridge 3 Mobile Memory

Related to the previously discussed item, this one has a similar purpose. The LEEF iBridge 3 is a mobile memory, that has unique abilities of its kind. It is a 32GB portable memory, that easily connects to your iPhone and allows you to automatically backup content and contacts so you never lose your essential data. As soon as you shoot a video or a picture, it directly transfers on this gadget and it has it fully protected and preserved for you. This way you can easily organize a library, that is outside (peripheral) of your phone and you won’t quickly end up with a smartphone, with no free space.

LEEF iBridge 3 is compact with its patented j shape, Leef abridge 3 easily wraps behind your phone and is compatible with all lightning enabled IOS devices. It works together with the abridge 3 app and gives you more space to create, more power to share, and more time to enjoy life’s adventures. The price of this unique mobile memory is $48, and you’ll save more than $20 of it’s total price if you get your hands on it now, while it is still on sale. It’s the great present for someone you care for, and who is keen on saving important media memories.

StikBox Phone Case & Portable Selfie Stick 

My favorite of all four items discussed, is this StikBox Phone Case. Selfies are a big part of social medias nowadays, so everyone’s trying to come up with the best selfie possible, but you never know when the perfect situation may come. With this StikBox phone case, you’ll be always ready for the best shot, because it has an integrated selfie stick that you can extend when needed.

It has a rugged and durable design, that protects your phone from damage if accidentally dropped and it rotates easily and slides smoothly, so you can swiftly transform it into a selfie stick coming from the lower corner of the case. The arm extension of the stick reaches up to 20 inches, which makes it ideal of groupies or taking selfies with magnificent backgrounds. For the price of $50 it’ll be the best gift you can possibly get for someone.