10 Advices On Super Mario Run!

Super Mario Run has been one of the most insidiously addicting iOS games to come out in recent years for iPhone. And this year,  of March 22, Android users already got their gaming hands on the fun, too.

You can install Super Mario Run from either the iOS App Store (requires iOS 8 or higher) or Google Play (requires Android 4.2 and up). Even if you choose not to pay $9.99 and stick with the lite version, Mario Run will still provide you with hours of tapping enjoyment. The first three stages are free to play, and they get more challenging as Mario and friends race to collect challenge coins. Ahead, we’ll discuss 10 tips that you’d need to follow if you’d like to go further in-game.

Number 1. – Micro Jump

These basic gameplay tips for Super Mario Run aren’t crazy hacks or cheats or anything, but they’ll definitely get you off on the right foot. If you’ve already played a few rounds skip down for more advanced tips.Mario will automatically vault over small obstacles and opponents that he runs into. This definitely comes in handy, because with a few minor exceptions, Mario is always running in this game.

Number 2.- Ninja Roll

A single tap on the screen when Mario is about to fall off a ledge will make him do a barrel roll upon landing. Mario will also knock out any enemies nearby like a bowling pin while rolling.

Number 3.- Reverse Jump

Mario can jump backwards if you tap the screen as soon as Mario hits a wall. This trick is especially handy when falling into a pit, as it can save you from near-certain death.

Number 4.- Long Jump

Tapping and holding will give Mario an extra boost for a higher jump. When you let go of the screen, Mario starts to descend, so take a moment to get the timing of this maneuver down pat, because you’ll be using it a lot.

Number 5.- Full-Spin Jump

Spinning will give Mario a little more hang time to make his jumps even longer. To perform a spin jump, simply tap the screen again while Mario is already in midair.

Number 6.- Combo Jumps

Tap as soon as Mario vaults over a Goomba, and he will simultaneously crush his enemy and use it as a springboard to launch off of and gain some extra air.

Number 7.- Practice the right timing

Learn to time Mario’s jumps carefully so that you can maximize his headbutting awesomeness. You can bash two blocks at once by hitting the seam in between the two, which can give Mario that extra advantage in collecting coins and other items.

Number 8.- Directional arrow blocks to unleash havoc

Normally, arrow blocks help guide the way, pointing you towards hidden bonus coins. But occasionally, you’ll come across some arrow blocks that are built into the ground. If you time your taps just right, you can use these as a springboard to shoot Mario off at double speed by jumping just as you step on the block.

Other times, you’ll see arrow blocks pointing in the opposite direction from the way that Mario’s traveling. When you hit these types of arrow blocks, you’ll run backward for a brief moment, which allows you jump on walls and pull off a few unique tricks.

Number 9.- Don’t re-wind too far from the bubble

There’s a quirky advantage to getting KO’d in Mario Run. You can use the KO bubble to essentially rewind the level and give yourself another chance to grab whatever you may have missed the first time out. But the game clock keeps running while you’re in the bubble, so be sure to keep track of the remaining time and balance it out with how far back in the level you want to go.

Number 10.- Use the pause blocks strategically

For someone so pudgy, Mario’s cardio is so good that your finger will sometimes struggle to keep up. To remedy this, always make sure to get on a pause block whenever they pop up. Don’t worry, the timer will also pause as long as you’re on the block, and it’ll allow you to plan ahead and maximize Mario’s run.