The Crazy Self-Defence iPhone Case…

I’ve seen a big number of smartphone cases, iPhone especially, but I’ve never even imagined or thought about something like the next product that we’re about to discuss. It is a crazy self-defence iPhone case that will work great and help you get out of a bad situation that will require a physical fight.

With the help of Lewis from UnboxTherapy, we’ll have the chance to take a further look at this awesome protective case. It is protective for sure, not only for your phone but for you as well. It is capable of working like a “stun-gun” and with just a click it produces electricity that could make your enemy vulnerable.

What can this case do?

The “Yellow Jacket” smartphone case is the only 3-in-1 multi-function self-defence cell phone accessory. Protect yourself, protect your phone and charge your battery whenever and wherever you are. Yellow Jacket’s patented design includes a highly durable, protective smartphone case, a detachable 7-million-volt stun gun and a built-in 3800mAh rechargeable battery. It will have your back not only when you run our of battery, but when you have to run for your life as well.

The stun gun is concealed so discretely in the smartphone case that it draws no suspicion or attention while carrying it in your hand and will be the best element of surprise, which will create the perfect set-up. The loud, bright stun gun produces a painful sting with its 5.0mAh of stopping power that zaps your attacker into submission immediately.

Is it safe and easy to use?

Those who own the company say that the smartphone case is completely safe and easy to use. The safety features include a dual push trigger system, in order to avoid any accidental discharge, while the ambidextrous trigger makes it comfortable to activate. There’s even LED indicator located on the back lets you know how much charge is left in the battery.


Design, pricing and idea behind creation

To be honest, I really like the whole design behind this case, but I find it bulky and thick at the same time. It is made of nice and durable PC & ABS hard plastic and TPU soft plastic which are strong enough to protect your smartphone from accidental drops and wear & tear.  Its outer shell is also waterproof enabling the stun gun to be used in many conditions.  The stun gun is detachable and concealed within the case until you need it.

The total price for the multifunctional case is $180. Developers came up with the idea of the creation by coming to the conclusion that most people don’t feel comfortable by wearing a weapon with themselves. However, all of us own a smartphone, so by combining this non-lethal technology and the need of carrying a smartphone around brings up the innovative and good idea to us.