What’s The Best Phone For Video Recording?

Last year we saw numerous great smartphone releases that combined innovation with the needs of users and photography enthusiasts. Some of the flagship smartphones worth the money and other in my opinion didn’t, but all companies tried to come up with the best ideas, which will result in a positive way this year.

The question that we’ll have to answer in the following article is “which smartphone has the best camera for video recording?” and with the help of TheVerge, we’ll easily find the answer. In the next few lines, we will take a look at some of the flagship smartphones that sold most and were highly liked by the mass.

The contestants

For most of you, it may not be surprising when you understand that only flagship phones will fill up the contestant spots in this race. Models like Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2XL, LG V30 and iPhone X are all here and we’ll briefly discuss which has the best camera and why.

All of the “participants” have great photography possibilities, but only one will take the first spot. As I said, all companies tried to come up with great ideas and they surely did, so I think that in 2018 the huge development in smartphone recording capabilities is surely promised.

Image quality

As expected, the Google Pixel XL, iPhone X and Note 8 are a step above the others when it comes to video-recording image clarity. They are better for everyday use, as they are better at capturing crisp footage, along with details in brighter/darker situations, so you will get the most out of any situation that you are trying to memorize.

The Galaxy Note 8 records videos that will be better for editing, as they are kind of flat and full of detail, without excessive contrast. Apple’s iPhone X isn’t as flat as the Note 8, which means that the video that comes right out of the camera will look better, but will be worse for recording because you will not be able to take the whole control of the situation, as it is already “filtered” and altered in some way. However, the Pixel XL is also a great sport here, but it showed “over-saturation” in many situations when tested.

Resolution and sound-quality

Of course, image quality is not the only factor here. Many other should be taken into consideration and resolution & sound-quality are some of them. In terms of selfie mode, the Note 8 has the highest resolution of all, letting you shoot 2K quality images, which will be great for vloggers or social-media lovers. On the other hand, the Pixel XL has the best stabilization of all models, resulting in super smooth footage, but the thing that this phone lacks is sound-quality recording, which is essential for great videos.  It also lacks the double-camera feature, that makes it not as versatile as the iPhone X or Note 8. The LG V30 has a secondary camera, but it looks way too wide. The objects in front of you seem to be far from you, which will be great for photos, but not for video as it will not be able to get the most out of the details around you.

All in all, the whole set of contestants is great and the final conclusion, in my opinion, is that the Note 8 has the best camera possibilities of all the given recommendations. With a smartphone like this, you will be always able to capture the best moment at the highest quality and way possible. This does not mean that the rest of the phones don’t have good cameras, that’s surely not the came, but you will have to think twice before buying one of these devices and think of your own preferences, as all smartphones offer different things, which is the beauty in the variety of choice.