Shock Resistant Material For Smartphone Protection

Smartphones that are built to last forever are a mirage nowadays. There are some companies that are trying to offer that longevity and are doing it quite well, but what happens with those that pay more attention to the looks and features, rather than the overall build quality and forever-lasting?

If you are going with a phone like iPhone X you’d like to have your $1600 protected at all cost. That’s when companies like “dbrand” come in handy. A protective case is cheap and will definitely help you with keeping your smartphone in great shape. The material that the company uses for building those cases is phenomenal, as it is shock resistant and highly durable, coming at a really fair price.

What is “dbrand Grip”?

The “dbrand grip™” is technology, that’s used for the creation of the world’s grippiest smartphone case. It’s most popular models are for the recently released come-ups like iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2, iPhone 8 and many more. If you are a user of any other phone, you’d better visit the DBRAND website if you are interested whether there’s a version for your smartphone. The price range is from $10 to $20 mostly.

Their products aim not only at smartphones but at gaming laptops as well. They offer high-quality protective cases for Alienware, Dell, Razer, MacBook, PS4 and XBOX laptops and consoles.With the dbrand Grip, you’ll never drop your phone again. Using patented material science, every detail of the dbrand Grip is designed to make sure your phone stays where it belongs: in your hand.Along the sides of the case, and on all four corners, you’ll find confidence-inspiring grip features. They’re made from a uniquely formulated material, engineered for ultimate grip… and strategically placed for maximum contact. Over time, this patented compound gets even grippier and forms to the way you hold your phone. Like your favorite pair of shoes, the dbrand Grip will evolve to a fit that’s totally custom to you.This technology and materials are patented by a company called D30 and it will surely be important in future.

What is this material called “D30”?

D30 is using a combination of patented, patent-pending and proprietary technologies to make rate-sensitive, soft, flexible and highly shock-absorbing properties in a material that is considered to be revolutionary. The team of scientists behind the project carefully tuned polymer blends to achieve specific properties to the final application such as temperature stability, abrasion resistance or flexibility.

D3O specializes in impact protection and shock absorption. The company develops high-performance impact protection technologies by combining advanced chemistry and specialist product design.You can see it in all forms, but the most important thing is that it will protect your phone/laptop/tablet at any cost and will be durable enough to use it for years! It is not that expensive and is surely cheaper than a new smartphone or display.D3O protective solutions are used for electronics but are used by global brands in sports, motorcycle, defense and industrial workwear.