Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy – The Rebirth Of GameBoy

At the recently held event, the CES 2018, a very interesting and nostalgic device brought the attention of many worldwide gamers. We’ve all know how the gaming started in the 90’s, and most of us remember the incredible Nintendo GameBoy console. Looking at this historical device almost thirty years later shows us how drastically technology developed.

The fact that there’s still interest in this type of consoles shows how important to the culture it is. A few days ago, a similar to this model was shown and reviewed at the CES 2018 event, which initially gained mass attention! It goes by the name of Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy and it will soon hit the market!

What is the Hyperkin Ultra GameBoy about?

While we continue to wait for the arrival of any kind of Game Boy Classic from Nintendo, Hyperkin already did something about this legendary console. The Ultra Game Boy is likely a modern version of a Game Boy Pocket. A bit heavier than that console, the Ultra packs a lit screen, rechargeable battery, and the ability to play original Game Boy games – isn’t that phenomenal?. While that alone would be great, Hyperkin has plans to make its legacy Game Boy even better by the time it launches late this year.

Visual looks and availability

It has all the same visual looks as the original GameBoy, that was released in ’89. On the front, you can see the control system, along with a few other action buttons. Located on the left is the Up/Down/Right/Left cross-like button, that is used for navigation/movement, while on the right is the A & B action buttons and just beneath them are the Select/Start buttons. Unlike the original though, the Hyperkin model will feature stereo speakers, one of which is located at the lower-right corner on the front.

This Ultra Game Boy will feature a rechargeable six-hour battery (charged via a USB-C port), which will be a great improvement and will extend the gaming sessions – all you have to do, is to make sure that it’s fully charged, or that you’ve saved your game before the battery runs out.

The recreated Game Boy is expected to be ready for shipping sometime this year, rumoured to be in December, and Hyperkin hopes it can provide users with everything, coming at a price that’s under US$100. The absence of built-in games might prove a bit awkward, and Nintendo could take advantage of this aspect, but Hyperkin will most definitely have the head start with this phenomenal idea and product!