Alexa App For Android With New Voice Commands

Alexa is known as one of the most helpful voice-integrated, high-tech assistants of the smart gadgets out there on the market, presented to us by Amazon. Until not long ago, the app was used to only link hardware like the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo spot etc., and allowed users to benefit from the Alexa skills, straight from those little and compact movable speakers.

Now, the company is planning to add all those skills and abilities to the Alexa App itself, created for Android users. They will be able to easily be in touch with the news, weather, and other real-time information that is essential, important or interesting to them.  The voice assistant can also be able to control different smart devices, which we saw plenty of at the recently held CES 2018 event.

The Alexa app will only be able to respond to “Alexa”, only when the app is open. The update will be hitting up soon the Google Play and Amazon’s app store. Amazon is also planning an update to the iOS version of the Alexa app to add the voice assistant there as well, which is a common practice. Something massive first goes on Android and then is released for iOS, but it hardly happens the other way around.

It makes sense for Amazon to add all the Alexa voice commands to its Alexa app, enabling the voice assistant to work with almost any Android handset. In a mobile push, the giant company already included Alexa in its main shopping app for iOS and Android, and in select Android smartphones from partners.

In kind of related Amazon news, the Prime account monthly fee will rise from $10.99 to $12.99 in the US, which is an official information, handed to us by the company itself. The new fee is a rise of 18 percent, but the good thing about this all is that the annual subscription of $99 will remain unchanged in any case possible.