PlayStation x Nike x NBA = Sneakerheads Dream Shoe

We all know the great hype, that the iconic “Back To The Future” shoe caused. It was a high-tech Nike sneaker, with great and never-seen technology featured, that instantly turned out to be a mass-selling collective pair of kicks. The amount they were selling at was ranging from $10,000 to $200,000 and a big percent of the money went to different aspects of charities, which was unlikely for any other fashion brand, so props to Nike! You’re doing it right!

Nike Air Mag, from the well-known movie “Back To The Future”

Lately, a new incredible set of sneakers popped out and this time it is a collaboration between the worlds biggest sneaker brand (Nike), the worlds best gaming platform (PlayStation by Sony), and the best sports association ever created (NBA). The shoes are a part of the personal line of the player Paul George, who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder and they surely look astonishing! The PG-2, as they go by this name, are coming out in a PlayStation 4 colorway and gamers/basketball fans really love it, including me!

The Nike PG-2 “PlayStation” colorway

As you can see, they are pretty damn lit and surely they’ll cause a mass trend among sports/gaming lovers. What brought the idea behind the creation of this model, is that Paul George himself is a PS4 gamer. “I consider myself one of the biggest gamers in the NBA,” George said in a press release of the collaboration. “Ever since getting my PS2 for Christmas as a kid, my game has gone with me wherever I go, so working with PlayStation was something that felt inevitable.”

We can see that he really loves this gaming console and I really understand him, because I personally also grew up playing on this iconic PS2 console, that had its servers shut down not long ago…but the gaming-related technologies are upgrading with the speed of light, so that was quite expected to happen at some point of time.

Moving on to the shoe, we can see that it’s inspired by the PlayStation platform not only by the color scheme, but by the symbols that refer to the console all over the shoe. To start off, we can see the PlayStation logo on the tongue, as well as on the insole of the shoe. Those logos on the tonue actually glow in the dark, so they will be perfect for summer nights if you want to stand out in the crowd. The lace loops are also in the same colors as those on the buttons on any PlayStation controller. More symbolism can be found on the patent-leather part, that goes all the way around the heel and is patterned in the Cross/Triangle/Square and Circle forms, which you probably know where they come from.

On the back, you can see the player’s initials and gaming number on the heel pull-strap, that are imprinted in the iconic PlayStation font. Symbolism could be found all around the shoe, which is a commonly seen practice among NBA players and their personal shoe-lines. They tend to put things that are important to them and affected their lives at some point in all their shoes, which makes them interesting, personal, important and mysterious.The shoes are set to release on 10th of February and will be priced at $110, which is fair enough for a basketball sneaker of this type. Also, the technology featured is incredible – they have ZOOM cushioning and they offer great heel/ankle support, so basketball fans will really love it!