Best Additions From The CES 2018 Event!

The year of 2017 was great, as far as technology trends are considered, but what are we about to expect from 2018? What we’ve seen so far sounds promising from the perspective of “creativity”, and the recently held CES 2018 event, which is actually the grand opening one for the year, backs up this idea.

Many interesting concepts were shown, and we’ll be ready to expect them in near future. Different companies showed their different ideas, and a big percent of them were amazing and brilliant, so in the next few lines, we’ll discuss some of the best additions, that were shown a couple of days ago. Along with a video from Austin Stevens, you’ll be able to get a better perspective at those innovative and creative ideas from up-close. He was attending that event and even shot a video there, so you can check it out if you find the topic interesting.

InWin PC Cases

First up on the list are those incredible-looking InWin PC Cases. These aren’t your ordinary PC cases, these are some extremely high-quality housings for your build that border on industrial art. The WinBot case is a clear plexiglass sphere that responds to gestures and recognizes your face. It also has fans placed like the little robot thing the people in the Death Stranding trailer wear.On top of the WinBot, case maker InWin had some other amazing cases on display, packed with major computational muscle. It is all automatic and opens up in the shape of the well-known PacMan.

Razer – Project Linda

One of the leading gaming-related technology companies, called Razer, is combining its technology to develop a new smartphone-powered Android laptop, also known as Project Linda.The new device is powered by the manufacturer’s own Razer Phone, which slots into the chassis of the laptop where a trackpad would normally be. The phone itself is then used as the laptop trackpad, and is charged by the laptop’s power bank – innovative right?

The Razer Phone’s performance, display, and dual front-firing speakers combine seamlessly with Project Linda’s larger screen, keyboard, and battery to provide the ultimate mobile hybrid setup for gaming, creativity, and productivity on-the-go!The whole design is incredible and combines some of the best things that Razer has brought up to the market already. If it was released in 2017, it would’ve surely been my personal favorite annual addition to the market. In a beautiful, all black CNC aluminum chassi, is where all the components are being stored.It is a fairly thin laptop, with the size of just 0.59-inches and is really compact to carry around. You can easily put it in your backpack and carry it around for the whole day, as you can forget that you’re carrying it because it’s really lightweight.

Sony’s 8K TV

Sony also arrived at the show with their new 4K HDR TV family, that comprises the Bravia A8F OLED and Bravia X900F LCD series. The new range features the company’s proprietary 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme to enable 4K HDR viewing. Also, the latest offerings have Android TV with Google Assistant. The voice-enabled personal assistant was debuted on previous 4K HDR TVs by Sony back in last November. The company also showcased an 85-inch 8K HDR television with a brightness of 10,000 nits at the event, which sounds incredible and really promising.

Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones

In terms of audio technology, Sennheiser had great additions to the market from last year. They opened this year promisingly with the arrival at the show, with their Sennheiser HD 820 headphones, that look and work incredibly! The open-back design of the headphones features a Gorilla Glass window on the ear cup that reveals the internal components, while also blocking out exterior noise and resonating vibrations with better accuracy.

This creates an audio experience that is virtually free of distortion to ensure that users are only presented with the best-quality feedback when at work, home or during travel.The Sennheiser HD 820 headphones are set to be available for purchase for $2,400 and are crafted from a mix of microfiber and synthetic leather for an ultra-comfortable experience and they will surely be liked from the mass, except from the price…