Apple Watch Series 3 With LTE In Singapore (Hong Kong)

Apple has updated its website to reflect that the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE connectivity will be available in Hong Kong and Singapore starting from February 2. The smartwatch will hit the retail stores on February 9.In Hong Kong, prices for the smartwatch will start from HK$3,188, and it will be supported by 1O1O and csl3. In Singapore, it has been priced at S$598 with its LTE functionality supported by Singtel.

With the tendency of smartwatches becoming a trend, they quickly evolved. Years ago, they were used only to show time and date, but now you could perform countless things on them – similar to a smartphone. In 2017, we were able to see innovative and jaw-dropping additions like the Asus ZenWatch, Samsung Gear S3, and some Apple watches as well.

My personal favorite of all the watches mentioned is the Apple Watch Series 3 x Nike collaboration. The final result turned out to be awesome and it was favored not only for sports but for daily usage as well because the watch itself had a very fashionable look, that doesn’t restrict you from wearing certain clothing. I love the way it’s created and the materials are surely made to last a long time. It comes in few different styles so that you can choose by your preference not just in looks, but performance as well.

Designed specifically for Apple Watch, the Nike collaboration faces boldly display the time in both digital and analog styles. The structure is familiar to smartwatch fans, having a 1.65″ AMOLED capacitive touchscreen front, with only 2 control buttons on the left side. The bands, that hold the watch to your hand, are Nike Sports Loop and Nike Sports Band. The difference between these two is huge, with the Sports Loop featuring textile-like materials (looks like Nike Flyknit technology), and the Sport Band featuring rubbery-like material with dots for breathability all the way along the loop. The combination of comfort and lightness (the watch is estimated at ~50grams weight) is phenomenal!

Not just the design but the features add to the completeness of this smartwatch. You can trace your steps, the distance that you’ve covered, heart rate and much more activity/training aspects. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or expert at running because the Nike+ Run Club app surrounds you with exactly what you need to make your running better than ever. With the app that’s, specially created for the purpose of connecting runners in a social environment, you can find lots of advice, tips, lessons and other educational or motivational interesting subjects of discussion.

After just a few days, people of Singapore will have the privilege to own such a watch with LTE technology, so I am sure that they’ll like the watch without any doubt.