Making Any Wired Headset Wireless!

Have you ever imagined turning your favorite wired headphones into wireless? Well, I personally haven’t ever thought about it, until I saw a small device that could do this for all of us. It is cheap and highly effective, helpful and really useful at times when productivity and movement are essential to finishing a job/study-related project.

I happened to come across a video by Matthew Moniz in which he kindly introduces an amplifier with an incredible ability to turn wired headphones into wireless mode. The device is called “Get” and works via Bluetooth, making it compatible with devices of all kind. It’ll cost you $99, which is not that low, but not high at the same time. For this price, you’ll be able to broaden the horizon of your audio equipment and you’ll most definitely love your purchase!

How does it work?

This GET amplifier brings a solution that is the best of both worlds. It’s small, light and will drive any headphones beautifully, wirelessly.Plug-in your headphones to the device and pair it to your smartphone via Bluetooth.Once paired, you can enjoy music with the highest level of clarity, answer phone calls thanks to the integrated high-quality MEMS microphone, control your music with the play/pause/shuffle buttons and adjust volume without ever having to handle your phone.

Headphones, just like speakers, need to be driven, so there’s a (tiny) amplifier in every smartphone but it’s not powerful enough to properly drive your headphones. You may not realize it, but you’ve probably never heard the full potential of your beloved cans. It can also turn any home sound system into a high-performance wireless audio platform.

How is it controlled?

Navigating a device has never been as easy as this one. It has 3 main buttons, that you use to control every situation that you would like to. First, there is a play/pause button, that you can also click when you would like to pick-up a phone call or to stop the current one. Second, there are two buttons for next & previous track, that could be used for easier changing of the now-played ones.

What is more though, is that there is an analog volume controller, that you can use to raise or lower the current volume level, if a song happens to be too loud for you. A handy little clip is also attached to the device, so you can place it wherever you find most suitable. In case you decide to go out and take the GET amplifier with you, then you can easily clip it to your inside pocket and you’ll never happen to lose it! Underneath I’ll give you the full list of features and performance details for further information!