AirPods For Only $40… Are They Worth It?

The AirPods, which were released not long ago, gained huge attention and people quickly fell for them. Yes, they are great and are actually the best product that Apple has released in a while, but what is bad with them is that they are a bit pricey. Not all of us can afford a wireless set of earbuds that cost $150, so eventually, those who can not afford it will need an alternative choice.

This is what actually drives the purpose of this article. It will present you a way cheaper alternative of those hyped AirPods for a price of just $40. It is all up to you to decide whether you will get a pair of these earbuds or no, so feel free to express your opinion below. Thanks to UnboxTherapy for the great video once again!

What are those earbuds about?

Well, these earbuds are, as expected, a knock-off model of the original AirPods. They are identical and have all the features that the original set does. You will tell that they are fake by the size of the box and the build quality of it, but the buds themselves have almost no indications showing that they are a Chinese replica. They support easy pairing, wireless charging when in the box, a button for answering calls, LED lights showing that they are charging and etc.

Basically, they have everything that the original set does, except the same level of audio performance. This does not mean that they do not perform well, that is far away from the truth, all I say is that they are not as good developed as the product that comes from the Apple factory.

Are they worth it?

Having to be honest, I got to say that they are totally worth it if compared to the original AirPods. I would not personally give $150 for a set of wireless earbuds, but I’ll opt out for a pair of Beats By Dre headphones that have over-the-ear design and waaaay better audio-quality. If I happen to need s wireless pair of earbuds, I’ll go for a cheaper alternative from a non-hyped company or I’ll reconsider getting one of those knock-offs.

I am not just one of those guys who prefer earbuds over headphones, because of the sound quality they deliver. The isolation, bass, and everything is times better on an over-the-ear set. Releasing the AirPods was a nice move by Apple because the new iPhone is so “innovative” that it has no 3.5mm jack supported. This is actually a marketing strategy, used from Apple to improve the range of their products and that’s why they released a wireless set – to have a pair that is compatible with the iPhone X device.

I would not fall for this marketing strategy and that’s why I will opt out for a different and cheaper pair, as it will offer the same level of quality as the AirPods do, but for a lower price. Or if I have to spend a couple of hundred dollars, I’ll go for professional headphones specially designed for music geeks – Beats By Dre. This means, that this alternative fake version of the AirPods sounds pretty convenient for me and I am sure that it will match other peoples’ opinions as well. Decide for your own!