You’ve Never Seen Such Headphones…

As the music industry constantly evolves, the technology products that we use to listen to it evolve as well. We have seen numerous interesting releases, thus including wireless headphones, earbuds, sports-related, gaming and such required for studio production, but I have never seen such headphones as those that I am about to present to you in this article…

What I am about to show you is a very interesting and innovative pair of headphones x earbuds, that were actually awarded a prize for innovation at the CES 2018, which sheds light on how awesome they are actually. With the help of Lewis, you’ll be fascinated by how perfectly do these headphones work and fit each and every individual.

What are these headphones?

Well, this highly innovative “Nuraphone” pair is something that I’ve never seen and I have to admit that they left me jaw-dropped. They come in a very innovative package, that looks like some futuristic equipment from an artists’ inventory. The interesting thing is not so much on the outside, as it is on the inside…

As soon as you open up the magnetically-lockable protective case, you’ll see the first collaboration between headphones and earbuds. That sounds strange, right? I did not know how to respond to this idea until I’ve seen pretty much the whole idea in action. The headphones feature 2 big drivers that isolate your ear perfectly and have 2 earbud plugs that fit right into your ear, streaming high-quality audio directly to your brain.

What is so great about them?

It would be hard to point out what is not great about this pair. Apart from the incredible and innovative design, these earphones are wireless, which contributes even further to the audio-listening experience. You will not have any tangling wireless going around your neck, and you will not have to waste your time untangling them wires everytime you pick the set out of your backpack.

The awesome things don’t stop here. These “Nuraphone” headphones have a specially created app that has the main job to supply you with the most fitting audio experience according to your ear structure. It has a generic preset, but it also has a “Personalization” one, that reads the inside of your ear and adjusts the bass/treble/power and other aspects in a unique way.

How you customize it and is it worth it?

All you have to do to set these earphones to work best for your ear is to go to the “Personalization” settings and turn them on, which opens up as soon as you pair them with your smartphone. The process of personalization takes not more than 2 minutes, as the intelligent headphones read the inside of your ear and program the drivers to sound astonishing. You can opt out of this preset while listening to music with tapping the left earcup twice, as it has some sort of sensor responsible for that on it.

They cost $399 and if I have to be honest when answering the question “Is it worth it?”, I will have to say TOTALLY YES! As a music geek by watching how this awesome pair works I just fell in love within a second. Any project that started on “Kickstarter” and gained popularity is worth it 80% of the time, so the case with this Nuraphone headphones is not any different. They will be great for people who listen to music often and for such people who would like to use them to produce audio – the sound is really pure and crystal! They are worth every single dollar and I hope that they have a second version anytime soon, that will be even better than this one (if possible)! Congratulations to the whole team of designers and engineers behind the whole Nuraphone project – they deserve the “innovation” award for sure.