This Single Character Could Crash Any iPhone !

There are lots of flaws that would be a good topic to discuss when it comes to iPhones and iOS as a whole, but I have decided to bring up to you the latest bug out there that could crash any iOS device. Crashing a smartphone may sound really hard to do, but if you are aiming at an iOS one the task is as easy as getting a toy out of a baby’s hands…

This is certainly not the aim of the article though! My idea is to get you to know the flaw so that you’ll be able to secure yourself from falling into the trap. Anyone could try to do it to you, which means that you’ll have to be aware until Apple solves the problem out in their next update.

What causes the bug?

Last week the Italian Blog Mobile World discovered that a single character in Telugu (native Indian Language) has the ability to cause any iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac and etc. to crash. This single character blocks the access to the Messaging app in iOS as well as other third-party applications like Messenger, Outlook, iOS, Gmail, and others.

This text bomb could be used by any of your silly friends that think that it is funny to crash your software or anyone who’s hating on you.Once the recipient receives a simple message containing the symbol or typed that symbol into the text editor, the character immediately instigates crashes on iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches and Apple TVs running Apple’s iOS Springboard.Apps that receive the text bomb tries to load the character, but fails and refuses to function properly until the character is removed—which usually can be done by deleting the entire conversation.

How to fix it if you’ve fallen for it?

The easiest way that you can take to solve the problem is to ask a good friend of yours to send you a message to the same app that received the symbol, which will bring you up a notification and therefore you will be able to delete the entire conversation with the sender who caused this problem for you. It has been already confirmed that the bug is fixed in the iOS 11.3 beta version, but the iOS 11.2.5 is still on the waiting list for now.