A Camera With Google Assistant Integrated!

The company that stands behind the biggest search engine, Google, made a strong statement at the CES conference last month, that its aim this year is to integrate the Google Assistant on as many devices as the company can. Ranging from speakers to TVs it has the top priority of getting better and more appreciated than the Amazon’s Alexa assistant. The news is that actually, the Google Assistant is coming to yet another helpful home device – the Nest Cam security!

The users of this camera will be given the option to add the Google Assistant via a software update, that has already started yesterday. Using the Google Assistant through the Nest Cam IQ indoor camera will be very similar to how one would use it through the Google Home or any other compatible device. Owners will be able to verbally ask their Nest camera for the weather, questions about their calendar, and to control smart home devices, among other queries. Owners will also be able to ask the Nest Cam IQ indoor to cast its stream to a TV and all of that sounds a bit creepy for me, I don’t know why…

Logically, there are some things that the Nest Cam would not be able to do for you, such as making phone calls, play music & podcasts and other types of actions that are more of what smartphones are made for. However, it will be the first camera to have integrated the Google Assistant itself, just months after the announcement of the Amazon’s Cloud Cam.

This Nest Cam rival, the Cloud Cam, works with Alexa and streams footage to a wide range of Amazon devices – TVs, Fire TVs, Echo speakers, and etc. It is the time that will show how good the Nest Cam will be with that new driver behind the wheel.