Best Tech Gadgets Under $125 Right Now!

It has been a long time since we gave you recommendations on what you can get for a particular amount of money. Since the last time we did it, there were plenty of awesome gadgets that popped out and it was about time to present them to you loud and clear.

In the next few lines, we’ll give you 5 awesome products that you can get right now for less than $125. Thanks to the help of Karl Conrad, we’ll be able to see them from every angle. The products are really interesting and for a wide range of users – they include headphones, chargers for Apple devices, gaming mouses and other. Read thoroughly, as you may find something suitable for you as well!

Ghostek Rapture Wireless Headphones

First up on the list are those luxury wireless headphones manufactured by Ghostek company. They are made of high-class protein leather and have Bluetooth connection integrated, which eliminates any need of wires that wrap around your neck.

The drivers are 40mm “Rapture” and produce a fine, clear and loud sound that goes directly into your ear. The earcups isolate the surrounding noise and all you hear is high definition music. Battery life is great and I assume that they’d be a good rival to top-end headphones with that price of $125. They are available in brown, black and red colorways.

Twelve South HiRise Duet

Have you ever heard of a double charger that could charge both your iPhone and your Apple watch simultaneously? Me neither. That’s what amazes me about this gadget – it is highly convenient and elegantly looking. Yeah, the price of $120 may be a bit high, but if you could afford to get an iPhone and a watch, then you’d be able to spend a hundred dollars on such a great charger, right?

HiRise Duet is the first dual charging stand that powers up Apple Watch in Nightstand mode. This sleek, convenient stand holds Apple Watch on its side, which automatically turns it into a bedside alarm clock, with the crown serving as a snooze button. To protect your beautiful Watch, the base of HiRise Duet is thoughtfully lined with a soft layer of premium leather.

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

The third gadget up here is this gaming Logitech MX Master mouse that is valued at $100 and has all the abilities that a gaming mouse need to have. First thing first, it is wireless which makes it really comfortable to use in any position. Second, the battery life is around 70 days on a single charge, which is as great as it sounds!

The Speed adaptive scroll wheel auto-shifts from click-to-click to hyper-fast scroll. The unique thumbwheel allows you to experience side-to-side scrolling and much more by installing the Logitech Options that come on a small CD with the packaging. MX Master 2S works seamlessly across three computers, including navigating and copy-pasting between them. The stunning design is packed with advanced features to help you get more done, more efficiently and comfortably than ever.

Logitech Harmony Companion

If you are into home security and entertainment devices, then this controller by Logitech is just the right device for you. With it, you can control each and every Alexa gadget that you’ve got in your home or Phillips Hue and etc. With Alexa for voice control it performs activities like Lower the blinds, dim the lights, fire-up the TV for movie night and other – all with a tap of the finger for $120.

Logitech Harmony Companion integrates connected lights, locks, blinds, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment devices, and more – all controllable from your Harmony remote or Harmony mobile app. Customized multi-device Activities make movie night more epic, date night cozier or happy hour happier.