3 Awesome Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

I have said it before and I will say it again – the technology market is full of unneeded, dumb and non-innovative gadgets, that do not deserve to be up for sale. A big percent of the products are legally scamming people, but they understand that as soon as they receive the certain product. We shouldn’t fall for the false advertising!

However, there are some unique ones that deserve the money and the attention, but don’t receive it as good as they should. In the next few lines I will drop some ideas, coming out of the mouth of Lewis, from UnboxTherapy, which ensures that they’d be totally great. I am sure you’ll like the three given products!

Symphonica Sound Booster For iPhone!

Designed by a veteran audio engineer and constructed from sustainable rubberwood, Symphonica iPhone Acoustic Speaker uses no electricity yet boosts the sound from your iPhone, filling the room by acoustically amplifying its sound.

Crafted from natural hardwood, the Symphonica Acoustic Speaker increases the volume from your iPhone and its compact size and portability lets you take your music wherever you need to. It is a green product that is good for the environment and for you at the same time! Never ever have I seen such a sound booster, so that gadget is surely unique!

Vibes Modular Smartphone Case

Protection, style and the ultimate in usability. The BASEROX modular smartphone case protects your phone and has a sleek design. With this innovative case, Vibes Modular delivers a whole new way of enjoying and sharing your smartphone accessories.

It is the first case of this kind that I’ve seen! It’s not just protecting your smartphone, but it works as a Bluetooth speaker and a charging bank at the same time – you just have to choose which one to put and carry on the back of your device. If you decide to go with the speaker, you’d have to swap a few things from the protective case. The feeling of the speaker is great and it is really versatile!

Mighty Spotify Music Player

This gadget will surely bring up some nostalgic feels of the days when we used to go around with MP3 players and it was all good. It is simply a small and portable music player for Spotify music that works with wired and wireless headphones and does not require any smartphones, tablets or other similar smart products that bring the audio to the headphones. It is actually the first product that works with Spotify like this and I am sure that it will cause a chain reaction and we’ll see similar products in near future.

It has the ability to hold 1,000+ songs on it. It will be great for exercise, as it is really lightweight and has a comfortable clip. You can attach it to your pocket or on the end of your clothing and you wouldn’t feel that it’s there while running, playing basketball or performing different activities. Great for saving battery on your device and for people who are constantly on the go!