Some CRAZY Nintendo Switch Accessories!

Ever since the release of the Nintendo Switch console from last year, the market got filled up with different accessories, as the console gained huge attention quickly and different developers started brainstorming ideas right ahead. Some of them were worth the attention, some were pure garbage, and others could be just described with one word – CRAZY!

This is actually the intent of this article – to point out some of the craziest Nintendo Switch accessories, available for purchase right now. With the big fan of the console, Kevin Kenson, we’ll review those products and I have to say that some of them are really, really out of the roof when it comes to creativity and craziness. Read it to the end, so you can find the most suitable gadget for your style!

Joy-Con Knife Cases

First up, to open the crazy list, are those knife cases, that are used for wrapping in the joy-cons. They are made by a fan of the console on a 3D printed and are actually not the safest accessory that you can use while playing with a friend, as they are sharp on top because of the realistic look, that is close to a knife for real!

The assembled version is glued in pretty tight.  It comes in 2 pieces – 1 Right Knife and 1 Left Knife.The unassembled version comes in 4 pieces – 1 Right blade, 1 Left blade, 1 Right Handle, and 1 Left Handle. You can use about any glue to get the blades in, from Elmer’s School Glue to Super Glue. Obviously, Super Glue would work better but if you don’t have that the standard stuff works. They cost only $18 and will surely gain the attention of your friends!

Mario Odyssey Ship Dock

Second up on the list is this full scale, entirely 3d printed version of the Odyssey Ship in Super Mario Odyssey that works as a TV dock for the Switch console. There is felt protection to avoid the dreaded streaks that come about when using the dock that is provided with the switch. The area where the globe normally sits in the game is scaled perfectly to display any normal sized Amiibo figure to show off with this beautiful piece.

It will be found attractive by Super Mario fans, but the price is actually a bit high – it costs $100, which is a bit crazy compared to the whole price of the console itself. However, it is made from ABS plastic (the same stuff legos are made out of) so it is very durable. Every dock comes with the extender cable necessary to connect the switch to the stock dock and therefore, to the TV!

PlayStation VR Headset Stand

This is a bit off-topic proposal – a great looking PSVR Headset Stand to keep your headset safe and on display. The stand is designed after the famous PlayStation buttons and the headset is kept very securely in place.There are several colors to choose from and if you would like either part in a different color than the others , then you can add it as a comment before you make the purchase- it will cost you $30 in total!

The stand is shipped in 3 pieces, the base, the vertical pillar and the top piece. Everything is designed with screw holes in place and screws are provided. This also means the whole stand is a lot stronger since it’s screwed together and keeps shipping costs lower.

Xbox One / S / X Controller Wall-Mount Stand!

Final here, is an Xbox wall-mounted stand, that is created to hold your joystick properly. It has a beautiful design, that fits properly with any Xbox controller from the One, S and X series. It mounts pretty easy and is really conventional and comfortable.

It also screams “Gaming” as soon as you look at it. If you like this way of keeping your controller, then you can order a stand for your console as well. You just have to be careful not to slip them from your hands, as the impact to the ground may be devastating for your Xbox console. The total amount for the nice-looking and innovative holder is $15, which is fair enough in my opinion!