What Does A $700 Smart Vacuum Look Like?

Nowadays the market is aiming at making our daily life at home easier and I salute that. It comes with some bad sides because as more as technology helps us at home, the lazier and reliable on tech we become, which in time will turn into a bad thing for sure. Last year we’ve seen incredible additions in terms of home tech, most of them were about security, and others were useful appliances for all of us!

In this article, I’ll present you a $700 vacuum that’s like none other out there and it is different than others in its own way. It is convertible, which makes it convenient for any user and features some awesome technology, so let’s get into the details.

What’s this vacuum cleaner?

This vacuum cleaner is created by Dyson and engineers have been working for like 2-3 years on the overall design, performance, durability and the final result is really nice. As corded cleaners have a lot of restrictions in terms of usage, battery models tend to get better and better because both companies and users prefer them, so there will be a tipping point when cordless vacuums will become the best out there. The company is so confident that it will no longer be developing any new full-size plug-in vacuum cleaners.

Cleaning performance on any surface is amazing, the ergonomics are excellent and the flexibility of the head is allowing you to get into the hardest parts of your room. It does not feature a swappable battery, but this is the only thing that could be considered as a con, excluding the price tag.

What’s so innovative about it?

What’s new to the tech of this vacuum is the cyclone and bin assembly. It is now horizontal and in-line with the motor, which is different from the previous models from Dyson. The bin is bigger than the V8 model with %50 and gives a big dust capacity storage for a cordless cleaner. When you hold it in hand it feels really comfortable and not only is it effective, but it is lightweight and pretty easy to use. Fully fitted with the tube and the Direct Drive head it weighs in at a feather-weight 2.6kg.

The biggest change that you can’t see with a naked eye is the new motor inside. Building on Dyson’s innovative digital motor, the new V10 engine is 20% lighter and 20% more powerful than the unit fitted to the V8. At full gas, it spins at an incredible 125,000rpm. Combined with a redesigned fan impeller and new straight-through air path, the result is a whole lot more suck and will let you clean your whole room within a minute or two!

The overall result of combining the tech, convenience, portability, battery life, and accessories, I can easily say that this is one of the best vacuum cleaners I’ve seen until now. It is more appealing than those smart vacuum cleaners and in someway it reminds me of a weapon used in the legendary first Half-Life. If you are looking for a new cleaner, go for it!