How To Buy A Cheap Gaming Laptop In 2018?

Only one-third of 2018 has passed and there are already numerous gaming-related products that look highly promising. The problem with some of them is that they are kind of expensive, but the quality and performance they offer is worth every single dollar.

However, there are a lot of people that do not want to spend $1500 on a laptop, so we have to constantly seek for alternative options. Since the Coffee Lake H processors popped out, the price of those devices got higher and it is expected for the previous generation of processors to lower the prices, which is actually happening here and there.

When getting a computer for a lower price, there are usually some problems that you’d highly like to avoid. It is a good option to get your hands on an older generation of computers, but there are things that you should really consider before paying the price, as you may later regret your choice later.

What brand should you choose?

The technology market is full of different manufacturers and it is a field with a lot of competition going on, but I believe that when it comes to computers/laptops, the competition there is just fierce… Don’t get me wrong, I think that it is the best thing possible to have not only a variety of models but companies that are constantly trying to pass each other, because this, therefore, brings incredibly good ideas and results, which we benefit from!

The only bad thing about it is that a lot of variety makes the choice even harder. Many companies offer incredibly good products, but Dell, in my opinion, is the best one! It has all the variety of models, hardware and the right field (playground) on the consumers market, as it has connections with tons of other companies.

Their products are always in top-notch quality, no matter what the price is. Even products that are aimed at low prices are made with an awesome build quality and performance that most of the times do not match the price. If you are getting a laptop, no matter what the condition is, my advice is to always do it from Dell and you will have a smaller chance to complain!

What to do when getting a used laptop?

Of course, nobody said that it is obligatory to go for a new laptop. Actually, there are plenty of good options for used computers out there, and we should constantly be on the lookout! Believe it or not, there are people nowadays that sell their laptop for a funny price, only because their hard-drive is not working correctly, or they have a problem with the OS and they think that it is something major.

If you come across something like this, you can always, in an example, change the hard-drive or reinstall the operating system and you will fix the issue for not more than $100-150, right? Pawn shops are also a good option, and sometimes you can find treasures there from people who were in need of money urgently. Good offers are everywhere, but it is us, who should seek for them constantly!

However, when getting a used computer, there are some things that we should consider and prevent ourselves from. It is just some of the times, that people are not aware what they are selling. Most people online will try to scam you and they perfectly know what they are selling…

First thing first, it would be the best thing if you can arrange a meeting and go see the product on the spot. If that is possible, then you should definitely check if the laptop’s working and whether there are any problems with the heating system, as it might have caused further damage to other components and it will be sad if you understand later that they are about to die in a couple of months. You should always keep your eyes opened!

Another thing to consider when getting a used laptop is to buy a model with graphics from the GXT 1000 series. Comparing the 1000 series to the 900, you can see a huge difference in terms of overall performance and this is a crucial aspect that people should consider when getting a gaming laptop, no matter whether it is new or not.

Suggested models

It would not be a full buyers guide if I don’t give you some good proposals on what you should get. I will give you two different models to chose from just as a navigation on what to seek for online. You can also check our review of the 12 Best Budget Laptops Of 2018 and there you may find something that would fit your needs.

Acer Nitro 5

One of the models that you should consider is the Acer Nitro 5, that could be found around $600. It has a beautiful convertible design and spec-wise it is something that will definitely work for you, but don’t expect top-end quality. Most gaming laptops are hard to be found under $1000 and this model is nearly half the price of a thousand and is a brand new one!

Processor:Intel i5-7300HQ
Cores:4 cores with 2.5GHz frequency
Hard drive:256GB
RAM storage:8GB
Display:15.6" Full HD (1920x1080 res.)
Dimensions:15.4 x 10.5 x 1.1 inches
Weight:6 lbs (~2.5kg)
Operating system:Windows 10

It comes with 256GB internal storage capacity and 8GB of RAM, which could be upgraded if you find out that it is not enough for you. The processor is from the 7th generation of Intel and is the i5-7300HQ, which means that when you combine it with the 15.6″ full HD display (1920 x 1080 resolution) and the 4GB GTX 1050 graphics, every game will run perfectly and you will definitely enjoy your $600 investment.

As I have already said, it has a beautiful design, with only 1.1″ thickness and the ability to fold both inwards and outwards. This could be really helpful if you decide to use the laptop in a tablet mode with an additional keyboard connected to it.

Dell Inspiron

The famous Del Inspiron model is another thing that you should also consider. In terms of design it is completely different from the Acer Nitro laptop, but when it comes to hardware and specs, it has a lot of similarities with the previous one.

Processor: Intel i5-7300HQ
Cores:4 up to 3.5 GHz
Hard drive:1TB
RAM storage:8GB
Display:15.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution)
Dimensions:25in x 15in x 11in
Weight:~5.5 lbs ( ~2.5Kg)
Operating system:Windows 10

This time, the model comes with 1TB hard-drive storage and 8GB of RAM. The display is again 15.6″ Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution) and the graphics are GTX 1050 4GB, along with the 7th gen. Intel i5-7300HQ processor and the list goes on and on. Both are similar, with only slight differences.

The price of the Dell Inspiron is with two hundred dollars more, which makes it a total of $800 for a perfectly running laptop. It is a huge bargain and you can also seek for a used version of those laptops and find them at even cheaper prices. On Amazon and eBay, there are numerous such offers!

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