Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Customization Skins!

There are many reasons why I can say that the PS4 is a better console than the Nintendo Switch, but right now I will focus on the customization point. When it comes to choosing your own skin for the controllers, we have seen some great additions for the PlayStation 4 console and it was about time to see some really good and money-worthy options for the Nintendo Switch as well!

Recently the famous to all company dbrand came up with a highly effective way of customizing the joy-cons, without causing some permanent or irreversible damage for to the device. Most of the manufacturers try to make awesome skins, but you have to mount them on your own, and if you are unsure of your acts (don’t know what you’re doing) then you might destroy your controller forever.

Dbrand is known for producing one of the top-notch cases, for awesome prices. Their products are always money-worthy and you will never even complain about the quality you receive for the price, and with those Nintendo Switch joy-cons, they once again proved themselves!

What are those skins?

Nobody would love the decision to spend a hundred dollars on skins for a console that is worth the same price. Also, people love to have a variety of choices to make, so dbrand has also worked on this case. They made all the parts for the console customizable, and you can choose what colors you like according to your own preference and theme you’ve decided to go along with.

Another thing is, that there are different types of cover, which makes the whole surface of the Joy-Con different and it may be useful for a lot of people. They make gloss, carbon fiber and matte surfaces, and in an example, if your hands sweat a lot during gaming, you would not like to go with the glossy but will prefer the carbon fiber or matte surface, as it will slip less than the glossy.

You can choose from a variety of different colors for the glossy section, while for the carbon fiber you can go only with black, and for the matte, you can go only with white… I guess that dbrand will work on this thing and will add more colors in near future.

What can you customize with them?

Ever since I was a kid I had always been fascinated by the customization parts of any game. Whether it was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or WWE (create a player mode) I always used to spend hours choosing what outfit to get for my player. Time went by and this also started happening in real life – I was into customizing sneakers, my PS2, making mods for games and etc. It is always fun to spend time on making your personal and unique items, so this is why I love those dbrand skins so much.

With them, you can not only choose to customize the joy-cons, but you can do the same thing with the dock or the very console. The best part of all is that it just wraps around the device, instead of sticking to it or mounting it manually, which means that it won’t cause any damage to the object.

It will also be good for people who would like to make a set that has some kind of a theme behind it. If you are a Super Mario fan, then you’d go with fully red/blue colors, or if you are a fan of Pokemon, you can go with yellow in tribute to Pikachu and etc. In other words, those sets are good for any reason, whether it is a theme or just aesthetics, you will never go wrong with them.

How can you go wrong with such a beautiful and practical skin, that costs only $5 for each controller…  if you’d like to change the color of the console, then you’ll have to spend twice the amount ($9.95), or the dock will cost you $6.95. You can actually click here to go to the dbrand website and check every service they offer. I am sure that you will come up with something interesting, and you will love the choice you’ve made afterward!

Special thanks to:

Kevin Kenson YouTube channel – video for Nintendo Switch Skins that don’t DESTROY it