Nintendo Switch Labo – Which One To Get?

In the last few months, the Nintendo Switch is evolving pretty good! The company developed some interesting additional packs to the console, that aim at making kids brains work by building up the cool control systems on their own. I am a big fan of this idea, because it has an important and cool intention behind it!

Nintendo made the Labo pack, which includes two different versions made out of some basic materials. Mostly, the objects are made of cardboard and kids go through a manual that shows them how to attach the pieces to each other, or in other words, it is a DIY set for the little explorers.

What options can you choose from?

There are two different sets from the Labo project, that you can use to have some great fun. The sets are “The Robot” and “Variety” and could be used not only by kids, but by adults as well. Also, there are specially created games for the purpose of each set and I assure you that you will have a lot of fun playing them, regardless of your age!

The difference between both sets is the variety, as you could probably guess on your own. If you decide to go with the Robot pack, then you will be able to build a more sophisticated project, but you will have a more interesting and fun game, while with the “Variety” pack you get some different stuff, but not that interesting in my opinion…

Both are pretty good, but with the “Variety” one you receive a piano, bike, house and a fishing rod. Yes, as you can see you’ve got options to choose from, but the games are a bit straight-headed, so the perfect choice for you would be what your intentions and preferences of use are.

Which kit is the best for your kid?

If you are getting one of this sets for your kid, then you should consider a few things before you do it. First of those things is the age of your kid. The “Robot” kit is really sophisticated to build, so if your kid is 4 years old it will most probably be unable to build it on its own, which is the key thing here.

If it happens that the case is such with your kid, and it is still too small for this kind of sophisticated tasks, then you’d better get the “Variety” kit. It will not only be easier to attach, but the games are easier to play as well, which is crucial for the kid. If it plays a game that is impossible to beat, it will quickly become boring for it. What is more, the variety kit is made just for that reason. I guess that 14-year-old kit will have less fun with a piano, than a 5-year-old, that’s just in its start of exploring the world.

Of course, if you want to set hard goals for your kid because you see that it has the thinking that’s not applicable to its age (advanced thinking), then you might make a great benefit from the “Robot” kit. If a 5 years old child is able to build it up and play the fun game with ease, then you should know that your kid is a genius and has a bright future!

At the end of the day, it all comes to having fun and learning stuff at the same time and I really like the intention of Nintendo towards this! Never seen it from another company, like Sony or Xbox, to try to make kids brain work functionally instead of electrically only…

What’s the price for them?

Kids toys nowadays are extremely expensive… but the case with those DIY toys is definitely not the same. The “Variety” kit could be found on Amazon for $62, while the “Robot” kit could be found for $79. You can get both of the kits as a full set and also receive the “Nintendo Labo Customization Kit”, that enables you to customize the console with different stickers and pieces of vinyl. There’s no chance your kid does not fall for both kits, and the customization one is just an addition that will cost you $9 but will make the whole experience even more fun and interesting!

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