ApliFi Mesh – Fastest Wi-Fi System Ever!

Internet nowadays is something, that we cannot go a day without. Most of our jobs are based on wireless connection and it has become, for good or bad, a vital aspect of our life. That is why we are keen on keeping our systems running fast and smooth, as it will boost our productivity and workflow as well.

There are billions of people who live in houses, where a wireless connection is harder to be maintained properly, compared to an apartment. If you are living in a big 3-floor house, then you would have to really think of a plan on how to properly set up your Wi-Fi system in order to get the most out of the internet that’s coming at your router. Put your WiFi to a test and find out what your speed is.

A good option that will work for all those things is the new ApliFi mesh system, that helps to boost your Wi-Fi signal to the max, which will, therefore, enable you to download or upload files and material in a much faster way. If you are using an incredibly good gaming set and you spend hours of gaming per day, then this system will be of great use to you as well!

What’s the ApliFi Mesh?

As I have said above, if you are living in a large space that is hard to be covered with Wi-Fi signal, the AmpliFi mesh will be the solving case for you. It is a system that includes a router base, with two separate points (stations), that help with boosting and expanding the field of your wireless connection.

Not only it helps with the slow internet problem, but it does it in a beautiful and convenient way. The set is in full white and looks incredibly sleek. What is more, is that there are no cables that tangle around your living room, but you just have to find a free socket to plug the stations in.

On the router base, which is in a cubic form, you can see an LCD display, which shows the current performance of your Wi-Fi. By performance, I mean the current download/upload speed that you are using, which is really helpful! Also, for people who are using Android or iOS device, there is a specially created application that allows you to easily install and manage the whole AmpliFi mesh system.

What’s the range of the system?

You may not believe it, but the actual range of the whole system is 22,000 square feet… doesn’t it sound crazy? Each station that you connect strategically is working with optimal power in the designated area, which means that it fully covers any building or area that you connect the ApliFi system.

There are three dual-band antennas (one per each given station), and those are basically the engines of all the produced speed. It supports 802.11b/g/a/n/ac wi-fi standards, which means that it basically supports all of them. Also, there are a total of 6 radios and 18 MIMO chains, with a maximum speed of 5.25Gbps and the system, even has Power saving mode…

You can get all this for $350 from the manufacturer website and it would be a great investment for people, who are using a wireless connection for their job, studying, or entertaining purpose. If you are going to use it for gaming, then you should never worry about high ping, lag, and problems caused by internet connection. If there are such, then it is a problem of your internet provider, so by getting the AmpliFi mesh system, you will be having one problem less in your life!

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