Instagram Is Integrating In-App Purchases!

Imagine the scenario – you are swiping through Instagram, searching for something interesting or a recent friend post and you are in the need of purchasing a long-wanted item or you just want to book a table at a restaurant or a room in a beautiful and money worthy hotel.

Instead of searching for those things online and switching browsers, apps, devices and etc., Instagram will make it possible to do all those things through the app itself. It is not a new thing and Facebook did it a long time ago, which is one of the things that put Instagram in my list above Facebook.

However, I really hope that this social media has a better way of advertising, that does not creep you out and does not analyze your data in a weird way, that makes you feel as someone is stalking your thoughts… I guess that Instagram will learn from those mistakes that Facebook did and will make the feature way better!

When will it be available?

The first one who reported about the new feature and shed light on what it is about was TechCrunch. For now, the feature is not live for everyone as the report indicates it’s only been given permission to serve just a small number of users for now.

I guess that in a month or two we will be able to make use out of this feature as well and I am really interested at the way they will approach it and how useful they will make it. Will you be secure enough and is it worth it to add all your credit/debit card credentials, risking them getting stolen by a hacker? Ranting Instagram accounts is not a new thing and I bet that there will be people who will go after it…

Is it worth having it?

As I have already said, yes the feature is helpful at times and may save you a lot of online searching for things, or may give you some good proposals about products that come out of the blue, for a price that you might find decent! The platform is big enough to add this feature and has worldwide accounts and people who are investing their money into trading constantly, so it will be good if they somehow allow this trading to happen within the app itself.

On the other hand, entering your credentials and personal information is not the safest thing when you consider what kind of people are using the app. Hackers nowadays are targeting just such things and I don’t think that it will be pretty hard for an online scammer to get into your social media account, so if you decide to go ahead and use the feature, just make sure that you enter a strong password and PIN to it, as it may save your money. It is not only with this case, but people are neglecting the fact how easy nowadays it is to steal their personal information, so keep your eyes out!