Is The Nintendo Labo Worth Buying?

Just a few days ago we posted our full review of the Nintendo Labo, showing both the Variety and the Robot pack. UnboxTherapy today came out with an interesting video on the Variety pack as well, which brought the idea in my head to even thoroughly get into detail about the fun pack! Click here to read the full review of both kits!

In his video, he showed the package in the most thorough way, so I think that it is a must to see it if you’re thinking of ordering it. The question, however, is is it really worth the hype, money and time? Opinions may vary, but it is the information that you first have to acquire, before coming with a defined one. I like how Nintendo is putting their effort into coming with a different, interesting and simple-looking product!

Nintendo Switch Labo is aiming not only at kids but at people of all ages. We know that the inner kid in men is eternal, so gamers will most surely enjoy the product. The thinking outside the box of Nintendo is great and we should see more additions like this one, being eco-friendly, useful and thoughtful at the same time!

What’s the “Variety Pack”?

The very name of the pack is shedding light on what’s the intention of it – it is including a variety of different DIY products, that you make out of cardboard templates, while the “Robot” one is offering you one option to build. Of course, building up a robot will be harder than the rest of the products in the variety pack, but it is up to your kid or your preferences what should you get.

Basically, with the variety kit you get a fishing rod, house, piano, motorbike and 2 x toy-con racing cars for the price of only $70. Getting all those toys made out of plastic, without any software inside, will cost you even more… toys nowadays are somehow expensive, which is one of the reasons why I admire the idea of Nintendo of making both affordable and interesting games/toys for your child!

Building up those projects that come with the kit can be hard, so it will be a brain practice for the one who is doing it. As a parent, you should stay with the engineer and definitely help with the building process! Most of the videos I have watched seemed to show that some of the content is easy to do, and other is not that easy. The good thing is that Nintendo made a great tutorial to all of them, so if you have any problems, just watch them!

The Piano

Out of all projects in the variety kit, the Piano and the Motorbike turned out to be my favorite ones. The thing with the Motorbike is that the game is pretty straight-forward and there is a possibility that it will quickly get boring to a kid. However, the case with the Piano is completely different.

Building it up is hard as well, but for a machine made out of cardboard, it actually amazed me how smart/intelligent it is! At first sight, you will never say that there’s any special technology behind the whole piano, which makes it work as if it is some kind of a magic trick. There are no wires or plugs connected, so how does it actually work?

Lewis seemed to be really curious about it and he accidentally found out how actually it tends to work. The idea is that there’s an infrared reader, that’s working as some kind of a sensor, which is detecting your moves and that’s actually how the piano is being controlled.

Also, there are tons of different stuff you can do with it, thus being changing the sound preset, making a personal one, a step sequencer and etc. There’s less than no chance that you do not like how it works and what grabs me the most is how they actually managed to make a piece of cardboard come to real life! All of us like magic, and this magically-working piano is making me get one for my self and experiment with it until I find out how all of it works as a whole!

Our take?

Our take is that the whole Nintendo Switch Labo is definitely worth the money! Both the Variety and the Robot kit got some pretty interesting intentions, which is even making the money amount small for what they’re offering. As a parent, you should know that this will be the best money you’ve ever invested in a toy for your child!

Not only it will work as a fun playground, but it will educate your small explorer on different aspects of technology, creativity, and you should definitely teach it how to be eco-friendly! This project by Nintendo is showing how we really can have fun with objects/items, without polluting the earth, so I highly recommend that the market should get flooded with such cardboard toys!

Special thanks to:

UnboxTherapy YouTube channel – video for Is Nintendo Labo Worth The Hype?