Facebook’s Smart Speaker Won’t Hit USA Market Soon

You are all familiar with the scandal, that Facebook caused and how big it turned out to be? Mark Zuckerberg was sweating like crazy for days in front of the USA congressmen/congresswomen and the “Zucc” memes flooded the social media, as well as the one that he made himself.

Facebook was expected to release a highly awaited smart speaker, similar to the Alexa/Google family, that would have rocked the market, but it seems like they’ll first release it in foreign countries, for logical reasons. First thing first, the scandal in America is still gaining popularity, so people won’t actually be happy to have such a device in their home.

He lost not only an amazingly big percent of his Facebook audience/fans, but he fell into peoples eyes and tons of us lost our patience and trust for this platform. It was a long time ago since the social media was all about people, and nothing about shady business deals, conspiracies and theories that seem creepy.

It was Bloomberg, who reported that Facebook is delaying the announcement of the anticipated smart speaker, that was supposed to be released in March this year. Actually, until recently it was all rumours that it would definitely be released, but judging by the information, which comes from expert sources, it seems like it is not only a rumour!

After all, if it turns out that it is not a rumour as I think, I would be able to say that this move will be very smart by Facebook. They perfectly understand all the chaos they caused and how big the problem was, so I hope that they learn from this mistake and stop sneak-peaking into peoples lives.

On Tuesday, a few days ago, CNBC shared that Facebook will not release the speaker in the USA not because of the problem, but because they wanted to “test waters”. I do not know, but somehow I am more likely to not believe this fake story. If such a platform like this is unsure about their acts, they would inspect the market even further, find the missing pieces and build it up or present it in the right way, without the need to “test waters”.

I personally don’t appreciate the idea of putting an always-listening device in peoples home. The conspiracies for Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home speakers are more than enough, and if such a 24/7 microphone by Facebook happens to be found in my home, I’d throw it with no regards.