Nintendo NES Classic Mini Is Coming Again In June 2018!

Ever since the release of the Switch console, Nintendo started gaining popularity among die-hard gamers once again! The historic company is one of the top-selling gaming-related manufacturers once again, due to their creativity and approach to the audience. They have been releasing throwback products for the last 2-3 years that really get into the heads of old-school gamers, which turned out to be a successful strategy.

By the end of the year, Nintendo will re-introduce the NES Classic, which is again a throwback retro console, coming at a small size with games favorite to all people who were born in the 80’s & the 90’s! Why I am saying that they will re-introduce it, is because it actually was on discount last year and quickly got sold out.

This brought up a great platform for online resellers to make some quick money and they sold the console at prices far out of the “normal” range. I personally think that they should’ve sold it in bigger quantities, but Nintendo may be trying to keep its dedicated fans on edge, so when they release such a console, it could gain popularity quickly again – who knows…

What is sure, however, is that the NES Classic is coming back next month, 29th of June, so we will see how it will perform in terms of selling once again. My take is that it will sell out quickly again, but we will see. Rumor has it, that Nintendo Switch online will be supporting some classic NES games, so keep your eyes out for it as well!