Bullets Wireless By OnePlus – Coming June 5th!

Just minutes ago started the announcement event of the OnePlus 6 smartphone, and along with it, the company showcased one more product, in addition to the whole hype around the device. It is the Bullet Wireless headphones (earbuds), which are kind of similar to the previously released ones, contrastly being this time wirelessly.

They don’t feature some jaw-dropping design, but it will work perfectly for people who’re using them on-the-go. Actually, they are somehow similar to most wireless models out there, with few differences that make them unique on their own without copying other companies, as some manufacturers quite often do.

The battery that powers them happens to be located on the neck of the one who is using them, while the earbud shells are made out of aluminum, which is light enough to not feel that it is there at all, which is key if you’re about to use them for long time listening sessions. Another important thing for those who are going to use them for sports is that they will feature a wire that is both resistant to stretching and sweat, as well as earbuds with additional fins (helps for them staying in your ear firmly) – key for sports enthusiasts!

In terms of audio performance, they will have aptX and a tube that will transfer the audio directly to the listener’s ear, helping with hearing things in a much clearer way. The headphones will be available on June 5th, which is just a few weeks from now, and will cost $69. If you are a dedicated sportsperson, then you should definitely grab a pair!

If you are running or doing sports often, you should never worry about the battery of the earbuds! Just charge them for 5 minutes before you go out, and you will have 5 hours of playback time. I bet that the headphones will endure more than you when it comes to sports performance!