New: You Can Put Other Peoples Post in Your Instagram Story

After some major updates in the terms of use and privacy of Facebook & Instagram, the company decided to add some new features to those online platform giants, considered as social media, which somehow turned out to be anti-social in time. Instead of connecting people, they are more likely to make them feel “disconnected” if we can put it that way.

They are constantly trying to pop up with some crazy ideas just to keep their dedicated users there, like the Stories they brought up to the public. Actually, this “Story” thing started from Snapchat and caused a mass effect among other social media, so Facebook & Instagram copied from it a little bit.

What is a new feature, however, of the gram, is that you can also put other peoples post into your story feed. If it happens that you find something interesting while scrolling around and you want to share it with your close ones, just tap the paper airplane (used for “direct to” button), and choose the “create a story” section. This way, you will bring up the image in your own story and all your followers will be able to see it.

They also made it possible to do it on Facebook, but I think that people mostly use the “Story” thing on Instagram, at least up to my point of view. This new feature was unveiled on Thursday, so you may have to update the app in order to enable it for you as well. But this means that other people will be able to steal your story images for themselves, right? If it is such a big deal for you, then just turn it off from the settings menu of the app and you’re good and secured to go!

I am not using those features, so I don’t actually think that it is something that people should do at all. Why sharing what you’ve done through your whole day, as well as your spots where you spend your free time? People nowadays cause so much drama when they understand that their data has been shared with the public, but they take no precautions when they share their personal information & habits with the public. If someone has an eye on you, he just has to check your feed these days, and he knows everything about you, so before you complain about someone stealing your data, think about how you share it as well!