4K x HDR Gaming Monitor By Acer – The Predator X27!

If you are going to spend a huge amount of money ($3,000-4,000 or more) on a powerful gaming laptop, that could be able to load up any game you’d like to, then you will aim at making the best set that you can, right? The perfect gaming set does not end when the purchase of the machine happens, but you have to supply yourself with peripherals, a comfortable gaming chair, and most importantly – a good monitor!

For those who’d like to get the best for themselves, Acer released a product that would solve it out! The new incredibly looking and performing Predator X27 has caused a lot of talking among gamers since the company showcased it. It is for the first time that the company is making a 4K x HDR monitor, that also features Nvidia’s G-SYNCH capabilities, making the performance superb!

Why spending thousands of dollars on a machine, that would be able to play and perform at the top-end level, while doing it on a display with low refresh rate or color range? It is pointless… if you are with the mindset of getting the best for yourself, then a 144Hz refresh rate, 10-bit HDR support, 3840×2160 resolution, and other powerful specs & numbers are the things you should look in a monitor!

The Acer Predator X27 will launch on June 1st at a retail price of $2000, so if you are just about in the beginning of building up a gaming set, you should really consider getting it for yourself! The RGB colors coverage is screaming “GAMING” at the top of its lungs and any game or movie that you decide to play on it will seem to be out of this universe! You won’t go wrong with it at all, it is just the price that is a bit high, so start saving up from now!