Artificial Intelligence Powered Devices or The Next Level

The usage and the existence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in everyday life it’s a fact. Every single day the industry and experience of both consumers and business costumers it’s getting reinvented and reshaped by the AI. Based on varsity of more information Artificial Intelligence gives us the opportunity to reimagine what is possible to be done and push the boundaries of our imagination.

Based on how fast it advance “smart” becomes a relative term. Over the next years, the usage of AI together with the 5g network will bring the need for new generation type devices. Smartphones will become smarter with Artificial intelligence enabled on them.

In fact, those are the devices that will get to the next level first. We will show you examples of smartphones with enabled AI on them and leave the conclusions to you. Since 2017 many of the leading companies in this branch push the AI feature on their products. Specialised hardware and software were developed to make Artificial intelligence functional.

So far most features seem to be centered at security, better quality of imaging and photography. Since last year almost all the bigger manufacturers took the first step into the (AI). Let’s review the current and some of the future devices that will enable Artificial intelligence and take the step to “the next level”.


Neural engine chip sounds like sci-fi but it is an actual scientific fact. Used in the iPhone X it processes functions that won’t take away the power of the standard services. In the iPhone X, we got introduced to some brand new features like the Face ID. Basically, this is a Face recognition security and identification system.

The “true depth” frontal camera creates a detailed 3D map of a person’s face used also in the animated avatars that Apple called “Animoji”.What comes next is that all the data collected gets stored on the neural chip. It’s funny what the (AI) can do but, storing 3D map of your face that can mimic your face and voice then uses all the data collected to identify you….Yeah well, I think I ‘ll pass.

Thinking that Apple is getting even more Artificial intelligence focused this year. What else will be stored on a “neural engine” chip next year?


Bixby that’s the name of the assistant software that is also Artificial intelligence powered. This feature we can find on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, and we see its updated version on Galaxy S9 too. Bixby Vision it’s not like Siri, it gives the users the opportunity to learn specific details of objects and locations.


Bixby, it’s a lot more advanced than Apple’s search engine Siri. Through the camera app on Samsung, they get to identify items find out how and where to find products they actually see in the real world. The Samsung owners also are able to use Bixby Voice to perform hands-free operations like opening apps, setting alarms, using the camera even sending messages. The rumors that Galaxy S9 includes chips and features similar to the iPhone X seem to be true.


Google also wants a share in the next generation of Artificial intelligence powered devices too. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL  are image oriented too. By the time few companies are competing and offering (AI) packed with chips and specialized software Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 xl are strictly software based.

This it does not means they don’t use the Artificial intelligence they do, but their application for IOS and Android helps you find groups of photos also smart organize and share them.


“Lens” is the name of the visual search engine that is similar to Bixby Vision. Both of their devices use their camera as an identification tool. An interesting fact is that it can be used by almost any Android and even iOS devices.


The Chinese company is proud to be the first manufacturer to develop and introduce a chip dedicated to power up Artificial intelligence on their smartphones. Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the Honor View 10 are packed with neural network processing unit to boost imaging, security and power efficiency to a next generation (AI) devices.


Kirin 970 AI chip can adjust camera parameters to identify items on an existing photo. Capable of identifying people, food, text and you name what else this it’s a demonstration of what kind of power Artificial intelligence can provide.

The first step to the “next level” (AI) powered devices it’s real, only waiting for future to reveal how further we can get. Still waiting for the last component that will change the smartphones and technology around us. With the 5G network about to be fired up soon the future is now. Knowing all this, how smart your smartphone is?